What is per diem nursing?

Per diem (PRN) work allows nurses to pick up shifts on an as-needed basis, sometimes across multiple healthcare facilities, without committing to full-time employment. Per diem work offers high pay, flexibility, and the option to choose where you work. Working per diem with Favorite Healthcare Staffing offers a range of benefits for nurses. Favorite is the ideal choice for nurses who want extra hours or occasional shifts, without committing to a full-time staff nursing position. Read more about per diem nursing on our blog.

PRN nurse smiling while working in doctor's office

Earn high pay with per diem shifts

Per diem nursing is an appealing work option, as it offers the opportunity to earn higher pay than many part-time or full-time staff nursing jobs. PRN nursing is mutually beneficial for both the nurse and the healthcare facility. The nurse can pick up per diem shifts at higher pay rates and the facility benefits by being able to provide adequate patient coverage.

Per diem not only offers competitive pay rates, but it also allows for a flexible work schedule. When nurses get to choose their schedules, they have an easier time maintaining a good work-life balance.

Two per diem nurses standing and smiling with their arms crossed in a patient's hospital room

When working per diem with Favorite, you gain access to top healthcare facilities near you. This then increases your opportunities in the workplace and elevates your experience as an employed per diem nurse. Choose when and where you work, all while becoming a more skilled healthcare professional. If you’re looking to make more career connections while maintaining the lifestyle you want, per diem work with Favorite is the ideal way forward.

Three PRN nurses walking into their hospital shift together holding notebooks and chatting

“This is a very good nursing staffing agency, offering a variety of open shifts in various facilities. You just use the app and pick up the shifts you want.”

- Staff Nurse (Former Employee)

Achieve flexibility with your work schedule

If you are looking for more flexibility in your work schedule, per diem employment is a great option for you. Through PRN work, you can choose the days and hours you work on a per-shift basis. You can build your schedule and manage your own time, creating a more comfortable work experience all while earning extra income.

Per diem nursing not only allows for a more flexible work schedule, but it also helps with maintaining a good work-life balance. As a healthcare professional, we understand this can be difficult at times. However, it is important to prioritize a stable work-life balance to reduce the chances of experiencing burnout. When you are feeling your best, your patients are receiving the best care, and we know this is something you strive for.   

Two off duty LPNs riding their bikes in a park in their free time

With Favorite Healthcare Staffing’s mobile app, Mobilize, managing your work-life balance has never been easier. Our app puts the power of your schedule in your hands and makes picking up per diem nursing shifts effortless. Whether you are looking to pick up extra shifts or if you need a break from a full-time position, per diem work with Favorite is a great way to control when and where you work without compromising time spent on other priorities. Simplify your work life and maximize your productivity by downloading the Mobilize app today!

Per diem nurse sitting on a couch at home picking up shifts on her phone using Mobilize, powered by Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Choose what facilities you work at and when

With per diem nursing, you choose which healthcare facilities you want to work at and when. This allows for new opportunities to make important connections and to learn skills that will help you grow as a healthcare professional. Through Favorite Healthcare Staffing, you can easily find per diem job opportunities that provide the flexibility and control you want, and at the facilities you love and enjoy working at.

With branch offices across the country and per diem shifts available in hundreds of cities, Favorite is sure to have PRN shifts to suit your individual needs. Whether a certain facility accommodates your skillset, is closer to your home, or has more available shifts that fit your schedule, our dedicated recruiters will help you find the perfect option for you. Try per diem work with Favorite and gain control of your work life today.

Per diem nurse wearing a mask working in a nursing home talking to an older patient
Favorite Healthcare Staffing chat bot, Frankie

Applying has never been easier!

Meet Frankie

Frankie, Favorite Healthcare Staffing’s virtual assistant, helps healthcare professionals looking for per diem work through our application process. Once you click the ‘apply’ button, Frankie will guide you through the application by asking you questions and automatically submitting your information, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Find Your Dream Per Diem Job

With our new chat bot, you’ll be able to quickly apply for a per diem job and easily create your profile with Favorite in a matter of minutes. Our streamlined application process helps experienced nursing and allied health professionals find the job of their dreams with Favorite.

“Favorite Healthcare Staffing was the best Agency I ever worked for. The management was excellent, the jobs were plenty, everyone was so nice! The pay was great!”

- Agency Nurse (Former Employee)

Search for new per diem jobs on the go with Favorite’s mobile app

Finding per diem nursing jobs is now easier than ever with Mobilize, powered by Favorite Healthcare Staffing. With our app, you can search for new job opportunities, receive notifications on saved job searches, add your availability and instantly book shifts, and submit your timecard electronically. If you are looking for rewarding per diem nursing opportunities, Favorite Healthcare Staffing has you covered. Try out our mobile app today! 

Job Search view of Mobilize, Powered by Favorite Healthcare Staffing, the new Favorite Staffing mobile app