Favorite Healthcare Staffing diversity statement

When diverse minds come together, the result is creativity and innovation. Favorite is committed to fostering and developing a diverse workforce. Equity increases workplace morale. Favorite Healthcare Staffing works to intentionally construct equitable policies and guidelines that serve as our way of doing business. Inclusive environments result in higher levels of engagement and collaboration, and we are proud to foster inclusive environments from our corporate headquarters in Overland Park, KS, to our local branch offices across the United States. At Favorite we believe in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and work to embody them every day, always looking inward for ways to improve.

In 2022, the annual My Voice employee engagement survey revealed high levels of job satisfaction related to diversity and inclusion.
Feel they can be their authentic self at work
Feel they are treated with fairness and respect
Believe the company is committed to attracting, developing, and maintaining a diverse workforce

Favorite’s diversity and inclusion commitment to our employees

  • Acknowledgement and celebration of various observances (e.g. Black History Month)
  • Diversity dialogue panel discussions
  • Reflection room
  • Lactation rooms
  • Employee networks
  • Diversity and inclusion reverse mentoring program
  • Diversity + Inclusion Council 

Acacium Group’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace

Acacium Group, a global partner of Favorite, is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion across our business. We champion people’s differences, value those differences, and recognize the positive impact that they can have on The Group. We encourage the inclusion of diverse experiences, backgrounds, knowledge, and skills to enrich our organization.

We pledge to create a working environment of dignity, respect, and inclusion in which diversity can thrive, free of bullying, harassment, victimization, and unlawful discrimination. We adopt a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of all kinds even when individual personal characteristics are not protected by relevant legislation.

Jeff Welch

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Jeff Welch