Partner with Favorite for your healthcare float pool management

Float pool and internal agency management has become increasingly important in healthcare organizations in order to effectively manage staffing needs and shortages associated with the continuously changing workforce. Float pools provide a cost-effective solution that not only allows hospitals and other healthcare facilities to reduce clinical labor costs but maintain high-quality patient care and employee engagement levels. Equipping care facilities with a float team of experienced professionals – each possessing specialized knowledge and licensing credentials – promises to create reliable solutions for safely managing staffing levels when patient volume is trending upward.

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Solve your float pool staffing shortages with Favorite

At Favorite Healthcare Staffing, we focus on providing healthcare organizations with a comprehensive and specialized staffing solutions. Whether it's managing hospital float pool resources or addressing fluctuating staffing needs, our 10+ years of expertise has enabled us to develop a precise methodology for recruiting and managing labor efficiently. We use the latest technology to tap into the power of an on-demand workforce to ensure our clients have access to the right clinician every time, thereby avoiding costly last-minute fill-ins and reducing emergency hiring costs.

Developed in conjunction with some of the most innovative healthcare systems, our proprietary formula is an invaluable asset when it comes to streamlining the recruitment process and finding staff ahead of time. No matter how challenging your hospital’s staffing needs may be, you can trust that our team will deliver agile solutions and help you develop a talent strategy that works best for you.

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Benefits of using the Favorite technology-enabled float pool nurse platform

Cost savings

Our work-as-needed model is more economical than having full-time employees work overtime or hiring temporary contract labor, and the schedule visibility empowers managers to prioritize core and per diem staff over agency.

Scheduling technology

Quickly adjust staffing levels based on fluctuating patient volume and available full-time employees to ensure the highest level of patient care.

  • Alerts provide instant visibility to staffing shortages across units
  • Real-time overtime alerts for cost reduction
  • Ability to fill even last-minute shifts
  • Eliminates scheduling miscommunications
  • Census tracking integration for real-time scheduling adaptation
  • Realtime visibility for leadership and staff to see schedules anytime and anywhere
  • Immediate communication of open shifts to available qualified staff via mobile app
  • Reduce time to fill open shifts
  • Data analytics and reporting to track workforce metrics and staffing trends

Consistency in patient care and increased employee engagement

Streamline your workforce with qualified float pool resources who provide a high-level of patient care, and are already familiar with the facility, physicians, policies, and procedures. As an extension of your team, engaging with these skilled resources eliminates the time it takes for your full-time staff to train and orient temporary workers each shift, freeing up their time to focus on providing quality patient care.

  • Decrease employee fatigue and burnout from excessive overtime
  • Employees can view schedules anytime, anywhere
  • Opens lines of communication with float pool staff to proactively pick up shifts
  • Increases underutilized float pool engagement and retention
  • Ensures float pool staff is credentialed prior to scheduling