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20 Best Social Media Accounts for Nurses to Follow

Today, social media has become a part of most people’s lives. In fact, more than half of the world has some form of social media. Nurses searching to find social media accounts that are relatable, entertaining, inspirational, and motivational can look no further! Organized in platforms that consist of Instagram, Twitter (also known as “X”), and TikTok, we’ve compiled a list of 20 social media accounts that are perfect for nurses.  




Get an inside look at other nurses’ lives from all over the world. This Instagram account is full of educational content that also has a flare of humor to it (Morris, 2022). Any type of nurse is sure to find this account funny and relatable.  


If you’re looking to become more educated about maintaining a great work-life balance, reducing burnout, managing financials, and landing any nursing job you want, then this account is for you (Morris, 2022). Account holder Kelsey Rowell, RN can be your motivational coach to help you with all things in your nursing life.   


This Instagram account is run by nurses that focus on inspiring and supporting other nurses. Shantay Carter and Jessica Sinclair are the creators of this account. They share that they created the group to encourage nurses and build an environment that supports these healthcare professionals (Morris, 2022). 


This meme account is a great way to put a smile on your face after a long and stressful shift. Let loose and have a laugh with this humorous Instagram account for nurses.


Stay up to date with all the latest news about what’s happening in healthcare each week with this media and news company account (Morris, 2022). Keep yourself informed so you can be knowledgeable about all the latest policies and changes in the healthcare industry.


Known and loved by many nurses, charismatic Nurse Blake frequently provides his followers with humorous skits and posts. Also working as a well-known comedian, Nurse Blake goes on tours to see and perform for fans (Nursa Admin, 2022). You can even find him at NurseCon! 


From cover letters to personal statements, this Instagram account can help you achieve your dream job while teaching you about all things resumes. When it comes to resume writing, there are many rules and techniques that can help you stand out from other candidates. Learn all you can with this account and even join one of their webinars to gain more skills involving career preparation and job interviews (Morris, 2022).  


Nurse Sarah is best known for her informative and educational nursing content that she frequently posts on her account. If you’re a nurse looking for useful studying tips, motivation, and even funny memes, then Nurse Sarah is for you. Her account differs from most because it not only nurses, but also provides humor and education.   


Follow Kim if you want to gain insight on all the helpful tips you’ve been missing out on as a nurse. Kim also informs all her followers on the best and most stylish accessories that you’ll need as a nurse. Not only does she provide a source of information, but she does it in a comical way (Nursa Admin, 2022).  


Sarah Warren, RN uses her social media account to help spread awareness about safe nurse to patient ratios, mental health, and she also covers all the information regarding trending topics in the nursing field (Prabhu, 2024). This digital creator has built a community in the healthcare industry by sharing fun and relatable videos about nursing.  


X, formerly known as Twitter 


This social media account motivates and educates nurses through inspirational posts and videos. It also provides followers with useful tips on preparing for nursing exams and general pieces of information on how to be the best healthcare professional you can be (Morris, 2022). Follow this account if you’re looking to gain further insight on all things nursing and healthcare.  


This account follows the life of a nurse working on a COVID unit. This medical surgical nurse does not hold back on her tweets, giving her followers a sense of truth and real-life scenarios in a humorous way. She also gives advice on working night shifts and how to avoid feelings of burnout when working in the healthcare industry (Morris, 2022).  


The goal of this social media account is to help nurses stay connected and be able to share their thoughts on news and topics involving the nursing field. The @WeNurses account also aims to get nurses talking more about patient care and how it can be improved (Morris, 2022).  


Nursing students will highly benefit from this account, as it provides nursing students with study tips, advice, everything you’ll need to know about the NCLEX exam, and more. You can also learn more about which certifications could be best for you and your career (Morris, 2022).  




This travel ICU nurse is sure to make you laugh when scrolling through his feed. Relatable and humorous, this TokTok influencer will keep you entertained for hours. He also touches on fitness related content, which is always a plus when you need a little motivation (Kakacek, 2023).  


Another great account for nursing students is run by Tara Sonnenberg. A source mentions, “She shares humorous anecdotes, educational insights, and school nurse-related comedy skits, providing both entertainment and valuable information to her followers,” (Kakacek, 2023). 


If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse and want to see what a day in their life looks like, follow @thatonenurseincomo. This travel nurse shares all her adventures and experiences with her TikTok followers (Kakacek, 2023). Learn more about the life of a travel nurse with her entertaining and informative videos.  


This RN works to educate others on healthcare and patient advocacy. Rastisha’s TikTok videos are not only educational, but also captivating. By watching her videos, you can learn more about health and wellness in an entertaining way (Kakacek, 2023). Follow Rastisha for all your health educator needs.  


Stay well-informed by following Xena, an RN, on TikTok. An article shares, “She provides helpful information about nursing supplies, study guides, and nursing advice, aiming to support fellow nurses in their professional journey,” (Kakacek, 2023). She provides beneficial information while keeping you intrigued.  


The last social media account for nurses on the list is @nursehilary. This advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) shares what it’s like to work in the healthcare industry, and also informs her followers of all the best nursing items you’ll need working in the industry (Kakacek, 2023). 


These social media accounts that focus on nursing are sure to help these healthcare professionals feel relatable. Hearing about other nurses’ stories and experiences helps create a sense of belonging and comradery. If you’re a fan of podcasts, read our blog about top rated podcasts for nurses! We hope you enjoy these social media accounts that are perfectly tailored to nurses.