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10 Best Books for Nurses to Read

Looking for your next good read? We’ve got you covered! Reading can be a great way to decompress after a tiring shift. Wind down after a long day with a book rather than watching television before you fall asleep. We’ve even included books that are perfectly tailored to nurses. You can also read our other blog from this series that covers top rated podcasts for nurses. 

Nurse: The Art of Caring

This novel by author Carolyn Jourdan shares the stories of 60 nurses. Dating back to the Second World War up until now, the stories of these nurses will leave you touched, motivated, and proud (Express Healthcare Staffing, n.d.). Give this book a read when you’re in need of a little encouragement to keep being the best nurse you can be.  

Bedlam Among the Bedpans: Humor in Nursing

If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further. Amy Young, the author of this comical book, talks about experiences that all nurses have related to at one point or another (Nursa Admin, 2022). Every nurse who has worked a shift knows that no two are alike. Read more about the amusing lives of nurses in this humorous read.  

Nursing Mnemonics: 108 Memory Tricks to Demolish Nursing School

Nursing students have a lot to learn in just a few years. This nursing mnemonics book will give you helpful tips and tricks to remember the many terms that will be required to memorize and understand. Know everything there is to know about various disorders, diseases, and symptoms from this useful resource (Feeney, 2024).  

Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not

Written by the nursing legend herself, this book is a must-read for all nurses working in the industry. For those who might not know, Florence Nightingale was a social reformer who founded modern nursing in the 1800’s. This book dives into the mind of Florence Nightingale and uncovers all she knows about the profession (Feeney, 2024).  

Self-Care for Nurses: 100+ Ways to Rest, Reset, and Feel Your Best

Prioritizing self-care as a healthcare worker is essential to avoid feelings of burnout. This book will give you the best tips for how to wind down and promote relaxation when you need it most. Whether that be after a shift, on your day off, or on your lunch break, this self-care book shares all the best ways to bolster and maintain your well-being (Goodreads, 2022).  

The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story

In this book, author Christie Watson pulls on the heartstrings of her readers as she shares several stories and life moments that she has experienced from her 20 years as a nurse. She touches on the values she has come to adopt from her profession in the healthcare industry and emphasizes the importance of spreading kindness (Nursa Admin, 2022). This book will not only hit a soft spot, but it will also remind you of why you chose this profession in the first place.  

Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul: Stories to Celebrate, Honor and Inspire the Nursing Profession

Filled with short stories, this book is perfect for nurses who might not be able to sit down for an extended period of time to read. The stories within this book have been said to inspire, motivate, and celebrate those in the nursing field (Feeney, 2024). Choose this simple book whenever you find yourself in need of a smile.  

Your First Year as a Nurse

Perfect for those who have recently started their nursing careers, this book covers many important topics for newly hired healthcare professionals. Learn about subjects such as avoiding burnout, teamwork, and the wide array of specialties involved in the nursing field (Feeney, 2022). Let this book be your guide to your first year as a nurse. 

The Shift: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients’ Lives

Ever wondered what it’s like to work a 12-hour shift as a nurse? In this New York Times Best Seller, author Theresa Brown takes the reader through the realities of what all a shift as long as this entails. With four patients to care for in a hospital’s oncology unit, we see the hardships and rewards that nurses face in their daily work-life (Feeney, 2022).  

The Making of a Nurse

Author Tilda Shalof shares what it’s like to be a nurse in this heartwarming book. She tells her many stories about her nursing experiences she has had throughout her life as a caregiver. This book is sure to make you laugh, cry, smile, and gasp. It’s fair to say you’ll be entertained during your time reading this book, as she embarks on many adventures during her eventful career as a nurse (Goodreads, 2007).  


Each of these books can be used to serve a different purpose. Whether you’re in need of a laugh, just want a different form of entertainment, or are looking for beneficial nursing school study tips, these books will be of use. We hope you enjoy the books we’ve mentioned in this list, and don’t forget to search our nursing jobs!