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Top Rated Podcasts for Nurses by Healthcare Professionals

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular every day. Perfect for road trips, cleaning, working out, or even just relaxing, this form of media can serve many purposes. Podcasts have recently become popular due to the education, entertainment, humor, support, comfort, and encouragement they provide their listeners. We’ve compiled a list of top-rated podcasts that many nurses can enjoy in their free time.  

NurseCasts – Daily Nurse

This popular podcast talks about current events and topics involving the field of nursing. It covers everything from leadership and entrepreneurship to education and career advancement opportunities. NurseCasts is unique because it can be enjoyed by nurses of all levels, specialties, and disciplines (Bryant and Stratton College, 2023). Start listening today to learn more about the field of nursing and all it entails! 

Straight A Nursing

If you’re a nursing student looking for an entertaining yet educational podcast that could help you excel in school, then Straight A Nursing is for you. This podcast, hosted by Nurse Mo, is everything a nursing student could ever need and more. It provides nursing students with tips on how to succeed in nursing school, preparation advice for the NCLEX exam, and much more (Sizer, 2023). Nursing students have a lot going on in general, and this podcast can especially serve as a useful tool when extra motivation is needed.  


Hosted by Catie Harris, this inspirational podcast covers the stories of nurses who have gone on to become entrepreneurs. In NursePreneurs, Catie Harris interviews entrepreneurs in the nursing field who share their stories of how they got to be where they are, their journeys creating their nursing businesses, and much more (, n.d.). If you’re looking for a podcast that will motivate and entertain you, then NursePreneurs is for you! 


In this podcast, nurse Kati Kleber gives registered nurses valuable advice on all aspects of nursing situations that these healthcare professionals will experience in their first year. Kleber provides the listeners with abundant useful information, such as how to deal with the difficulties that nurses are bound to face, how to manage time effectively, and more (Bryant and Stratton College, 2023). Let this podcast be your guide during your first year of nursing! 

Nurses on Fire 

Perfect for nurses looking to become more educated about their finances, this podcast serves as a valuable tool for learning how to budget and build wealth. While Nurses on Fire does not solely talk about financial advice, it does mainly focus on helping nurses set financial goals for themselves and follow a plan that will help them to effectively budget (Bal, 2022). Learn more about smarter ways to invest your money and gain financial success today with the Nurses on Fire podcast.   

The Murses Station 

If you’re a male nurse, also known as a “murse”, then this podcast might be just right for you! On The Murses Station, two male nurses, Jake and Felino, get together to chat and tell stories about their experiences in the nursing field (Regis College, 2023). Sure to be enjoyed by all nurses, this podcast is not only entertaining, but also educational. Don’t forget to read our Breaking the Stigma: Men in Nursing blog to learn more about male nurses in the nursing industry.  

The Nurse Keith Show 

Considered one of the more popular and informative nursing podcasts out there, The Nurse Keith Show covers nearly all topics you can imagine in nursing. No matter your experience level, this podcast has all the information you could need (Sizer, 2023). Looking for interview tips, or maybe even health advice? This podcast has you covered on all cylinders. 

MPR Weekly Dose Podcast

Looking for a quick and easy way to get all the current news you need about the nursing industry in less than 30 minutes? The MPR Weekly Dose Podcast will do exactly that. Host Steve Duffy provides listeners with relevant and up to date information on all things nursing and healthcare. Duffy often interviews experts on the various topics he discusses to gain more insightful knowledge for the listeners (Bryant and Stratton College, 2023).  

Nursing Uncensored

This podcast is not only highly entertaining, but also very educational for nurses working in the healthcare industry. Nursing Uncensored does not hold back on real stories from real nurses, so be sure to keep this in mind. Listeners who are in the nursing field often feel supported, encouraged, and validated when listening to this podcast due to the truthful nature it provides.  

The Renewed Nurse

Nurses who have recently entered the field will especially benefit from this podcast. Hosted by two nurse educators, Meg and Em, The Renewed Nurse covers a wide variety of topics involved in the nursing field. A topic they often focus on is helping nurses maintain a healthy work life balance to hinder the chances of experiencing burnout (Bryant and Stratton College, 2023). It’s no secret that burnout is prevalent among the nursing field, which is exactly why this podcast prioritizes helping nurses foster an attainable balance.   

 Next time you hit the road or find yourself searching for a new form of entertainment, consider giving one of these nursing podcasts a listen. Not only will you be able to relate to them, but you’ll also be able to learn a thing or two. Stay well-informed and up to date on all the latest news and stories with these podcasts. We hope you enjoy these top-rated podcasts for nurses!