Per Diem Nursing

Why Introverts Make Fantastic Nurses

You may think that only those who are very social and extroverted can excel in healthcare careers. However, you may be surprised to find that introverts can also make fantastic nurses. There are several qualities introverts possess that make them excellent in the world of nursing. Introverts should use their natural strengths and weaknesses to their advantage!

One of the many positive qualities introverts possess is that they are great at making deep connections with other individuals – a perfect quality to have when caring for patients! Part of this can be attributed to the strong listening skills they have and their ability to make others seem like the most important person in the conversation. Introverted nurses can really make their patients feel special.

Introverts often do not want to be the center of attention which makes them great team players. Because of their observant tendencies, they are also great at keeping their cool in stressful situations. This dependency leads people to trust introverts, even in the most difficult scenarios.

There are some challenges introverts face too. However, with a little practice introverts can overcome these disadvantages and be a successful nurse. It might not come naturally for an introvert to initiate conversations or take part in small talk, so they need to push themselves out of their comfort zone and initiate a conversation with a patient. As they say, practice makes perfect! Being an introvert does not need to interfere with you being the best nurse you can be, so believe in yourself and you will build exceptional confidence over time.

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