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What is Basic Life Support (BLS)?

As a nurse or healthcare professional, understanding Basic Life Support skills will enhance your ability to provide comprehensive and safe patient care. Basic Life Support, or BLS, is a critical life-saving procedure that can help save the lives of those experiencing cardiac arrest, respiratory distress or an obstructed airway. Are you looking to apply for a clinical healthcare job at Favorite? We generally require that healthcare professionals in clinical roles hold an active BLS certification.

To become BLS certified, individuals must complete specialized training to gain knowledge on how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use automated external defibrillators (AED). Keep reading to learn more about Basic Life Support, including who needs BLS training and how to obtain a BLS certification.

Who needs BLS training?

BLS training is essential for healthcare professionals, including nurses, physicians, emergency medical service (EMS) workers, medical assistants, and other healthcare and public safety personnel. The American Heart Association (AHA) has designed a training course for healthcare professionals to learn life support techniques that can be applied in a wide variety of settings. Through the AHA, healthcare workers learn how to quickly recognize life-threatening situations, provide early use of an AED, deliver effective ventilations, and more.   

How can you get a Basic Life Support certification?

The American Heart Association offers two types of courses to get BLS certified.  You can choose between traditional classroom learning or a blended course. The traditional courses are held in person in a classroom setting where instructors lead lectures and provide hands-on learning opportunities. The blended course option has an online portion that utilizes algorithms that adapt to each students’ performance and input, as well as an in-person training session that is led by an instructor. It’s a good idea to check with your recruiter or local branch office before selecting a training course to ensure it meets Favorite’s requirements for the position. 

How often do you need to get your BLS certification renewed? 

Once you’ve passed both the written and active skills tests for BLS certification, you are issued an official card that is valid for 24-months after the date printed on the card. If your BLS certification is about to expire, contact an AHA Training Center near you to get more information on renewing your course completion card. As good practice, if you want to be sure your BLS certification doesn’t expire, put a reminder in your calendar 60 days prior to the date of your BLS expiration date so you have plenty of time to take a renewal course. You can also keep in touch with your recruiter or branch office and notify them once your certification is renewed. When it comes time for your next assignment, keeping your profile up to date will make the process more efficient! 

In order to provide the best possible patient care, it is essential for healthcare professionals to have their BLS certification. Having the right certifications not only helps save lives, but it can also help you qualify for a job. To learn more about the Basic Life Support certification, visit the AHA’s website.  

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