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What is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

Have you ever considered nursing as a career choice? If so, then becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a great starting point to get your foot in the door! Working in the nursing field is not only fulfilling, but it also pays well due to the high demand for these healthcare professionals. This blog will inform you more about what a CNA is, the education requirements you’ll need, common useful skills, and more.  

What do CNAs do?

Also known as a nursing assistant or a nurse’s aid, these healthcare professionals are supervised by nurses and assist with common patient care duties (Kelly-Cortez, 2020). CNAs are very hands on during their shifts and play a large role in a patient’s care plan. Common tasks or duties include transporting patients, checking vital signs, helping with patient hygiene, answering calls, assisting in wound care, and much more (Kelly-Cortez, 2020).  

What are the education requirements?

Many people find the role of a CNA appealing because not much school is required, yet the job still pays well and makes for a great career. To become a CNA, a high school diploma or GED is first required. Once this is completed, nursing assistant training will be needed. You can find CNA training programs at healthcare facilities, junior colleges, and trade schools (, n.d.). After successfully completing the training, you’ll need to pass the CNA certification examination.  

What are common tasks and duties?

CNAs have many responsibilities when working a shift. For instance, they sanitize and clean patients’ rooms and bed sheets, gather and stock medical supplies, feed patients, prepare rooms for new patients, assist with medical procedures, and more (, n.d.).  

Even though the main role of a CNA is to assist a registered nurse or some higher-level nurse, they still play a vital role in patient care and are highly valued in the healthcare industry.  

What are common skills CNAs need?

Similar to many other areas in the healthcare industry, CNAs need to be empathetic, respectful, and compassionate. When working with patients who are in distress, it’s important that you are able to empathize with them and provide them comfort when they need it most. To be a successful CNA, you’ll also need to be patient and flexible. Working in the nursing field means you’ll need to be able to easily adapt to whatever is thrown your way.  

Next, you’ll need to be a strong communicator because relaying the correct information to patients and other medical staff is crucial. You’ll also want to note that it is important to be physically capable when working as a CNA. These healthcare professionals spend a lot of time lifting patients and walking around on their feet throughout their workday. Building strength and stamina is key to being a successful CNA (Training Direct, 2022).  

What are typical work environments for CNAs?

CNAs have the opportunity to work in a variety of different work environments. Common options include hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, private practices, adult day care centers, and clinics. (Kelly-Cortez, 2020).  


If you’re looking for a job that is not only rewarding, but also pays well, you might want to consider becoming a CNA. We hope this blog helped you to learn more about CNAs and the overall profession. Already a CNA? Search our open jobs to start working with Favorite today!