Per Diem Nursing

Skills Every Nurse Should Have

Employers want more than just a certain number of years of nursing experience. They are looking for so much more. Although these four skills may not always show on a resume, you can let them shine during an interview. Here are a few skills nursing employers want from their candidates.


Don’t hurt your chances of landing a great job. Be flexible and willing to compromise when you can. Your situation may not always allow you to be flexible all the time, but your chances of getting the job are much higher when you are willing to be flexible on things like schedule and pay.


Even if your role is not specifically in leadership, hiring managers look for leadership skills in other ways. Volunteer to help your co-workers when you can, take charge of tasks without being asked and get to know team members in order to work with them more efficiently.


Working in a hospital isn’t always easy. You are caring for many people who are sick, and this can be overwhelming and disheartening at times. For this reason, it’s important for facilities to have staff who can remain positive during the challenging times. Demonstrate your positivity by staying upbeat and happy throughout the interview.


Nursing is about caring for others and the best nurses are those who truly want to make an impact in their patients’ lives by providing the best quality care. In interviews, talk about patient experiences that have had the greatest impact in your life.

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