Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing Tips: Pack Like A Pro

You just landed your dream travel nursing assignment. The sometimes daunting task of interviews and paperwork are now behind you and you’re eager to get started in your new destination. The last thing to do is pack up all you need for the next 13 weeks.

What should you bring with you on this new travel nursing assignment? Follow these tips to pack like a pro and make sure your time in your new city runs smoothly and efficiently.

Pack for your destination’s climate

It’s important to research the type of climate you will live in and pack appropriately. If you will experience more than one season while on assignment, the general rule of thumb is to pack in layers. Be prepared for any temperature changes.

Travel light

One of the essential tips for travel nursing is to pack light. Don’t bring everything you own on a travel assignment – this makes moving from one place to another more complicated and time-consuming. Be smart and pack only what you’ll need.

Don’t forget the essentials

It can be easy to overlook the basics when packing for your travel nurse assignment. Remember to bring important documents, such as your driver’s license and any other travel paperwork. It’s also helpful to bring standard toiletries so you don’t have to spend your first few days in your new city shopping.

Make it your home away from home

No matter where you are, it’s important to feel comfortable in your new temporary home. Pack items that are easily transportable and give you a sense of familiarity. Items like photographs, your favorite scented candles or cozy blankets can help you feel right at home.

Remember your hobbies

Even though you’re travelling for work, you’ll have downtime. Bring along any hobbies that you may like to have in your free time. Books, sketching supplies or musical instruments are all great options. Don’t abandon your passions while on a travel assignment.

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