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Travel Nursing Essentials: What to Pack as a Travel Nurse

You just landed your dream travel nursing assignment and are eager to hit the road. You have a full list of excursions to check off your bucket list but before the sightseeing can begin, you have one important task to complete: packing your bags.

Though it may seem like a simple undertaking, knowing what to bring, what to leave behind, and what to source upon arrival in your temporary hometown can raise a lot of questions. This handy list of travel nursing essentials will ensure you are always prepared for your travel assignments.

The Ultimate Packing Guide for Travel Nurses

Appropriate Documents

Important documents are not easily replaced, so take the time and effort to gather these documents before you embark on your next travel nursing assignment. Some essential documents include your driver’s license, car insurance and a backup form of ID such as a passport or copy of your birth certificate. Your travel nursing agency will have your nursing license and certifications on file, but it’s beneficial to keep digital copies on your phone or laptop in case you need them for any reason. Don’t forget about your most helpful resource – your travel nurse recruiter! They can answer any questions and give you a full list of documents you might need, which can vary by facility.


Having a journal to document your adventures is the perfect way to keep your memories alive. You will be able to look back on these special moments for years to come and share with your family and friends back home. Journaling is also an excellent way to pause, reflect, and stay in tune with your mental health.

French Press and Other Small Appliances

Are you a caffeine fanatic? No need to break the bank on to-go lattes! A French press or tea strainer is convenient to travel with and easy to pack away. Don’t forget to bring your favorite travel mug to keep your drinks warm while you’re on the go! Staying caffeinated will help push you through those long shifts. Other small kitchen appliances, such as an air fryer or portable blender, are also great items to bring with you on assignment and will make meal prepping quick and convenient while saving you money. Looking for more ways to save? Check out our Top 5 Budgeting Tips for Travel Nurses.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bring a Bluetooth speaker to make sure you always have your favorite tunes or podcasts playing! There’s nothing like your favorite song to get you through your travel nurse assignment. Whether you’re cooking at home, hitting the beach, or enjoying time in the park, having a speaker on hand helps things feel a little more like home.


Wherever your travels take you, make sure to always have a camera ready to capture the important moments. There’s no need to have professional photography equipment because most smartphones today double as a high-quality camera, making it quick and convenient to capture all the sights of your explorations. We want to hear about your adventures! Remember to tag Favorite on social media and send your travel photos to 913-308-1426.

First Aid Kit

While on the go, it can be helpful to keep a first aid kit with you on assignments. You never know when you might need medicine to cure a common cold or a band-aid for a cut when you’re not at work. Some items that are good to have on hand include bandages, vitamins, aspirin, ibuprofen, sunscreen, and of course any prescription medications you take.

Proper Clothing and Accessories

Do your research on the location you are traveling to. You will need to make sure to have clothes that fit the climate and seasons of your destination. No need to travel with your entire wardrobe! Pack the essentials with plenty of layering options to ensure you have apparel for every occasion. A few other must-haves include comfortable shoes, an umbrella, travel steamer and lint roller.

Electronics and Extra Chargers

Laptops, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, Bluetooth headphones… these days there are endless forms of electronics at our fingertips. Whether you use these devices for entertainment or for work, they have become a necessity on any travel nursing assignment. Just don’t forget to pack up each item’s respective charging device and make sure they are fully charged before you journey to your next destination.

Hobbies and Pastimes

In addition to visiting all the amazing attractions during your travels, don’t forget to bring something to do during your downtime. Whether that’s reading your favorite book, playing an instrument, or drawing, your hobbies can always travel with you.

Comforts from Home

Being away from home can be a tough adjustment for some people. To avoid feeling homesick, make sure to bring items that connect you to your life back home, such as pictures of your family and friends, or a favorite item someone special gave you. Surrounding yourself with meaningful keepsakes can help carry you through difficult times and make you feel comfortable in your home away from home.

In addition to these travel nursing essentials, here are a few bonus tips to keep in mind:

Bonus Tip #1: Go thrifting to find cheap household items (think pots, pans, utensils, hangers) and at the end of your travel nurse assignment, donate the items back to a local charity.

Bonus Tip #2: Find a travel nurse buddy to team up with and decide on which items each of you can bring to get you through your assignment.

This packing list for travel nurses is just a starting point to make sure the time spent in your new destination runs smoothly and efficiently. What are your travel nursing essentials? Share with us in the comments below!

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