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Favorite Feature: An Inside Look at Healthcare Recruiting

Are you looking for a career change and wondering if recruiting is the right fit? Well, if you consider yourself a self-starter, team player, and competitive, a job in recruitment might be the perfect career for you. Here at Favorite, our healthcare recruiters are responsible for sourcing, qualifying, hiring, and maintaining ongoing relationships with qualified healthcare professionals across the country to meet our clients’ temporary staffing needs. Favorite has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and is hiring for recruiter openings throughout our company!


About Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Favorite Healthcare Staffing opened in 1981 and is one of the industry’s fastest growing staffing providers. With 28 branch offices across the country, Favorite is the nation’s premier provider of healthcare professionals, offering a full range of travel nursing, per diem, allied health, non-clinical and emergency relief staffing, as well as permanent placement opportunities.

As a distinguished leader in the healthcare staffing industry for over 40 years, Favorite offers a stimulating and supportive work atmosphere where the goal is to develop employees to achieve their full potential in a collaborative team setting. One of Favorite’s core values is putting others before self, and we strive to emulate that in our local communities.

We spoke with recruiters across different divisions at Favorite to get their take on some commonly asked questions about recruiting, from what skills are needed to be successful, to what growth opportunities are available. Keep reading to hear what our healthcare recruiters have to say!

What kind of prior experience did you have before becoming a Recruiter?

Many of the recruiters we spoke to mentioned that they never had prior recruiting experience before coming to Favorite. They all come from different backgrounds, ranging from data analysts, servers, and customer service specialists. When we asked Travel Recruitment Lead, Echo, about her prior experience she said, “I did not have any prior recruiting experience — not on this level, although I did work as a server in college. When I worked at the restaurant I would help with hiring, but it was a night and day difference from recruiting. I think serving was a good experience because it made me very comfortable talking to strangers and a lot times you are only successful if you hustle.”

What skills do you have that make you a great Recruiter?

Aside from prior work experience, there are a few skills that may come in handy in the role of a recruiter. When we asked our recruiters what skills make them great at their job, we received a few different answers. Alexa, Senior Placement Consultant in our Direct Hire division, says having tough skin makes her a great recruiter. “You can’t let small things affect your work. There have been multiple times where offers fall through, candidates back out, or don’t show up to interviews. I always try to brush it off and not let it discourage me!” Travel nurse recruiters Nate and Ana say that being empathetic makes them great recruiters because it allows them to connect with people and become their biggest advocate during the process.

How do you see yourself growing in your role as a Recruiter?

One of the most important aspects people look for when applying for jobs is room for growth. Allied Recruiter, Ronnell, says one of the things that interested him about healthcare recruiting was the ability to grow. When becoming a recruiter there are many growth opportunities ranging from leads, supervisors, seniors, and the potential to move up even higher within the company.

We asked Echo what aspirations she has for her future within Favorite and she said, “I have big aspirations for Favorite and a very cool part of our company model is how the upper tiers of the business started out just like me, a recruiter! I look at Directors and Managers who started out in the same role as I am right now and it motivates me. I know that if I work hard, continue to learn and keep to the grind, that will be me someday.”

What does a day in the life of a Recruiter look like?

Recruiters handle different tasks such as sourcing and interviewing candidates, answering questions about contracts and payroll, and much more. To give you a little bit of perspective on what our recruiters do on a daily basis, we asked them to describe what a day in the life of a healthcare recruiter would look like.

Shelby, a recruiter from the Allied department, says that every day is different. Co-worker, Echo, can attest to this but says that she enjoys the change in routine. “I help all the current people on contracts with any issues or questions they may have, such as payroll, wanting an extra shift, or extending their contract. I will simultaneously help my team with any questions they’re having with their active contract employees and then strategize our focus for recruitment. It’s a balancing act between working with the people you have on contract and adding to that pool, while interviewing and sourcing candidates. I enjoy having my hand in so many different pots because I am someone who thrives the busier I am. I love looking at the clock and the day has already flown by!”

Another common theme that is seen among the daily routine of a recruiter is utilizing problem solving skills. “You have to make sure your nurses know that you are on their side and collaborate with not only them, but the people on your team to see what kind of jobs would fit the nurse best!” says Travel Assistant Recruiting Lead, Nate.

What is the most rewarding part about working at Favorite?

Working at Favorite as a recruiter isn’t your typical office job. Being a recruiter comes with many rewards, whether that’s helping others land their next job, making new friends, or volunteering in the community. Alexa said her favorite part about recruiting was helping people make career moves. “I really love helping people find a new position that can help enhance their quality of life. Whether that be a raise, better work-life balance, or getting out of a bad work environment!”

When you work at Favorite you also gain a family. When asked about why she likes working at Favorite, recruiter Ana said, “I like the work environment at Favorite because we are very much a team. All my co-workers know about my nurses and are always there to help. I am excited that we keep growing as a company, but we still have the small business, tight-knit vibe in the office.”

How do you think being a Recruiter impacts the healthcare industry?

Our Recruiters are passionate about helping others and it shines through in their work ethic. Travel Assistant Recruiting Lead, Josh, sees recruiting as more than just a job. “If I can do my part in helping someone else get a job or be there for them if something goes wrong and give them help in their time of trouble, I think that speaks volumes. I think the most practical thing is slowing down, listening, and helping people when they need it. That can impact people!”

Each day recruiters come into the office they make an impact. Ronnell believes that recruiting is essential to the healthcare industry. “We are the first voice in the process of the company, so recruiters set the tone and experience for our healthcare professionals.”

What advice would you offer to anyone interested in becoming a Recruiter?

With any job comes a learning curve. Some of our recruiters say that even after a few years of recruiting they still learn new things every day. If you’re thinking about becoming a recruiter but have some hesitations, here are a couple pieces of advice our Recruiters had to offer.

Shelby says that communication is key. “Always ask questions if you have them. Make sure that you have good communication skills because this job relies heavily on communication on so many different levels. If there isn’t good communication, things fall through the cracks fast. Sometimes it’s important to listen more than you talk.” Shelby’s co-worker Ronnell advises anyone who is interested in recruiting to have patience. “Some days it seems like you need it more than others.”

Do you have anything else you think is important for potential candidates to know about recruiting?

If you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding job, take the next step and become a recruiter today! “Recruiting is hard, but very rewarding. At the end of the day, we’re here to advocate for people, not just ‘fill’ a job. We’re here to help give them an experience that’s worthwhile,” says Josh.

 A career in recruiting is perfect for anyone who thrives in a competitive, fast-paced environment. Echo explains, “You need to sharpen your organization skills and brace yourself for the ups and downs. For high risk comes high reward. It’s a great career if you want to be compensated for how hard you work, be surrounded by high energy people and kick start your career with skills that will benefit you anywhere you go.”

Apply to Favorite’s open Healthcare Recruiter positions by visiting our Corporate Careers page or LinkedIn page.