Allied Traveler of the Month

Allied Traveler of the Month – February 2021

Allied healthcare professionals love our fulfilling assignments, competitive benefits and the opportunity to build their resume. With your dedicated Favorite recruiter, you can find opportunities in top-rated facilities, clinics and physicians’ offices across the country, giving you the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Have you ever been interested in traveling the country as an allied health professional? Each month, we spotlight an allied traveler and the incredible experiences they have while on contract.

Meet our February Allied Traveler of the Month, Kimberly, Registered Respiratory Therapist! Keep reading to learn more about Kimberly’s allied travel career.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your profession?

My son is who inspires me every day. He had breathing problems as a baby and he pushes me every day to be able to help others like the nurses who helped him.

What has been your favorite assignment location so far and why? Describe your favorite things about this location.

My favorite location to travel to is Hays, Kansas! The staff has a very welcoming feel and really cares about each patient we care for.

What is your favorite thing about traveling as an Allied Health Professional?

Meeting new people who become lifelong friends. I love learning the different ways each location wants things done and how the locations vary.

What is one thing you can’t live without while traveling?

I cannot live without calls from my family. I really miss them while I am traveling, but being able to hear their voice while I’m gone makes working away from home a little bit better.

What advice can you give other Allied professionals who are interested in Allied Travel Jobs?

Go for the job and jump in with two feet! It’s very rewarding and the most fun you will ever have. Meeting new people, helping new patients and gaining new experiences as an allied healthcare professional, is a dream come true.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned while working during the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 patients are very unpredictable and no two are alike. COVID-19 is not a cookie cutter virus and there is not one way that heals everyone.

Tell us what makes you unique! What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Any hobbies or interests?

Something unique about me is that I have seven different degrees! I for one enjoy spending time with my family, bowling and the ocean. I am a professional, a mom, a wife, and an aunt. I love every minute of it!

Do you have any final thoughts or messages you want to share with fellow healthcare heroes?

We are a huge family here at Favorite! Thank you to all my fellow healthcare heroes and travel nurses for the continued fight to defeat COVID!

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