5 Healthy Habits for Spring

Say goodbye to the long, cold and dark winter months and hello to spring! The first day of spring is the perfect time to start new healthy habits. Here are a few simple ways to get you feeling refreshed this spring!


Enjoy the longer days

No more leaving work after it’s already dark! The longer days will help you feel more energetic and will help you enjoy your evenings after work.

Rethink your drink

Instead of reaching for the coffee or sugary drinks, try to drink more water. It’s important to replenish your body and stay hydrated so you can feel your best! Try carrying a water bottle and refilling it throughout the day.

Get some exercise

Spring is the perfect time for renewal. Make it your goal this season to get moving! Take your exercise outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Make exercising easier by finding a friend who can be your workout buddy. Also plan ahead and make physical activity part of your daily routine.

Soak up some Vitamin D

Spend more time outside and enjoy the sunshine, but be smart about it. Try to apply sunscreen more frequently to keep your skin protected or wear hats and sunglasses. Seek relief from the sun by sitting in the shade or under an umbrella.

Get enough sleep

Research shows that adults should get around 7 hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep could lead to several negative conditions, including depression and obesity. A few ways you can accomplish healthy sleeping patterns is by going to bed at the same time each night, removing electronics from the bedroom and avoiding big meals before bed.

What are some healthy habits you would like to incorporate into your routine this spring?


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