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At Favorite Healthcare Staffing, we want to be more than just your healthcare staffing agency; we want to be your trusted staffing partner. Our quality workforce solutions are tailored to meet the organizational needs of our clients. We know providing the best patient care is always the number one priority for healthcare providers, it's our mission to help provide you with talent management tools that allows you to focus on that.

With an unwavering commitment to trust and quality, our goal is to provide your organization with talented clinical and non-clinical professionals that bring the skills necessary for a successful healthcare operation. Let us be your go-to for workforce staffing solutions - after all, as a leader and innovator in healthcare staffing services, it's what we do best.

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Discover how Favorite can revolutionize your labor processes and secure workforce sustainability

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A legacy of staffing healthcare professionals since 1981

For over 40 years, Favorite Healthcare Staffing has led the way in providing hospital staffing solutions, setting the industry standard for quality, service, and integrity. In 2022, we joined Acacium Group to become the first global healthcare staffing and workforce solutions specialist, which will give exclusive access to the world’s premiere healthcare professionals through international sourcing.

As a growing provider of workforce solutions, our mission is to create jobs and provide qualified and dependable talent whenever, wherever needed. This commitment starts with the company culture – we believe in putting others before ourselves and have lived out this core value since day one. We are a proven leader in the healthcare staffing industry with local per diem and travel staffing options for nurses and allied health professionals.

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Our nursing, allied, and non-clinical services

Finding the right people or services to meet your company's standards can be challenging. Fortunately, Favorite offers comprehensive staffing solutions and vendor management to ensure you get quality candidates that match the unique needs of your business. With our experienced and dedicated team, you can rest assured we will deliver the results that meet your company's exacting standards. 

Favorite is a healthcare managed service provider (MSP)

Healthcare organizations across the nation can benefit from working with Favorite Healthcare Staffing's managed service program (MSP) for all your contingent staffing needs. Our managed services offer acute care systems and teaching hospitals to senior living long-term care a way to reduce the stress of recruiting, credentialing, and vetting possible candidates while providing cost-saving solutions.

  • An innovative approach to your staffing and workforce needs. We’ll help ensure your company is staffed and managed so you can finally take your mind off the contingent staff issues holding you back and focus on something new.
  • General Consulting. We can manage the time sheets of all your vendors and route timecards accordingly to ensure timely compensation to the employee and fast, reconciled invoicing to you.
  • Human Capital Management. Application management, certification records, immunization tracking, OSHA requirements, facility specific training — we can handle these on boarding processes and more.
  • Financial Cost Savings. We can help effectively predict, plan, and manage expenditures.
  • Technology. We lessen the burden of multiple phone calls, invoices, and employee files, and consolidate them in a centralized platform.
  • Complete Vendor Management. Favorite will oversee and contract, invoice, and manage all your contingent staff, regardless of the vendor they come from.

Partner with Favorite for your healthcare float pool management

Float pool management has become increasingly important in healthcare organizations to effectively manage staffing needs and shortages associated with the continuously changing workforce. Float pools provide a cost-effective solution that not only allows hospitals and other healthcare facilities to reduce clinical labor costs but maintain high-quality patient care and employee engagement levels.

Group of physicians, advanced practice nurses, and RNs standing in front of a healthcare facility
  • Cost savings. Our work-as-needed model is more economical than having full-time employees work overtime or hiring temporary contract labor, and the schedule visibility empowers managers to prioritize core and per diem staff over agency.  
  • Process efficiency. Quickly adjust staffing levels based on fluctuating patient volume and available full-time employees to ensure the highest level of patient care.  
  • Consistency in patient care and increased employee engagement. Streamline your workforce with qualified float pool resources who provide a high-level of patient care, and are already familiar with the facility, physicians, policies, and procedures. As an extension of your team, engaging with these skilled resources eliminates the time it takes for your full-time staff to train and orient temporary workers each shift, freeing up their time to focus on providing quality patient care. 

“Favorite has assisted us with staffing RNs at our surgery center over the last three years. Favorite is different because they take pride in providing us with appropriate staff for our facility. They recognize individuals have pros and cons and match better with certain positions. They stand out because they are diligent when we have a last-minute need and do their absolute best to find the staffing we need.”

Jennifer H, Chief Operating Officer

Staffing of healthcare executives and professionals

Favorite Healthcare Staffing specializes in connecting healthcare executives and professionals to the opportunities they need. From helping healthcare executives connect to the C-suite, to assisting medical companies with their recruiting needs, and placing school-based healthcare professionals into learning institutions, we make sure everyone is backed by the resources they need to thrive in their roles. 

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Per diem staffing agency of nurses and allied health professionals

Per diem staffing is a great way for healthcare facilities to get the help they need when faced with short-term demands when it comes to nursing and allied health professionals. With Favorite around, you can easily fill gaps in day-to-day temporary assignments and local contracts without having to go through the time-consuming process of hiring full time staff.  Per diem staffing is not only fast and flexible, but also cost effective since you don't have to bear employee healthcare or training costs. All in all, per diem staffing is an ideal solution if you're looking to quickly fill those last-minute positions without complex administrative tasks associated with hiring full-time employees.

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Favorite is a travel nursing agency for local and national staffing

Our nurses and allied health staff are eager to fill your healthcare organization's local or national travel staffing needs. Our pre-screening process ensures that everyone we hire is fully vetted and highly qualified in their respective field. We understand the urgency of the situation, so we strive to make our hiring process as quick and efficient as possible without compromising on quality. No matter what type of healthcare challenges your location might have, you can be sure that our staff will be available with all the skills necessary to provide exceptional patient care.

Travel RN watching the sunset on a cliffside during her hike while on a travel nurse assignment

“Everyone we worked with at Favorite, from the management team down to the on-site nurses, cares deeply about the health and safety of each patient they serve and the people they work with. Having confidence in Favorite allows our team to focus on our core offerings and overall success of these onsite events. We consider Favorite a trusted partner and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Avery B, Client Relationship Manager

Direct hire is your long-term recruitment solution

Direct hire staffing, often referenced as permanent placement or direct placement, is always a great way to reduce staffing shortages in the long term, rather than relying solely on short-term options such as per diem or contract staffing. Hiring permanent employees does require an initial investment, however with the right level of competitive compensation, you can create a long-term recruitment solution with potential for long-term success. Once filled, direct hires are able to give your organization greater control over their resources and also enable them to provide excellent patient care. Furthermore, it allows organizations to focus on optimizing care continuity while being more cost-effective compared to revolving through multiple temporary staff members. 

Male nurse with a full-time job smiling and holding a tablet with physicians in the background

Emergency clinical and non-clinical staffing agency

In crisis response, disaster relief, and emergency management situations, having the ability to quickly deploy nursing, allied, and non-clinical professionals is a critical part of frontline staffing. These seasoned professionals bring vital experience that sets the stage for the entire crisis response. They can hit the ground running and do what needs to be done, whether it's filling staffing gaps at medical facilities or coordinating essential resources in order to provide quality healthcare. Ultimately, their fast deployment allows crisis managers to respond rapidly and effectively in any kind of crisis situation.

Emergency response paramedic smiling and sitting in an ambulance