Travel Nursing

What Does a Travel Nurse Do?

Travel nursing is a fantastic opportunity for those with wanderlust. Besides being able to choose where you live and work, travel nursing has many fantastic benefits. Competitive pay and flexibility are just a few of those benefits.

So, what does a travel nurse do and how are they different from a regular RN?

A travel nurse is hired to work in a specific location for a short amount of time. Travel nurses typically work temporary assignments ranging from 13 to 26 weeks. The great thing about travel nursing is the flexibility to choose when and where you would like to work, while seeing different parts of the country. Travel nurses also have the ability to work in a variety of different specialties, making this field an excellent opportunity to build a resume and gain new skills. Who wouldn’t love the freedom of travel nursing?

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Travel nursing with Favorite provides flexibility, great pay and the opportunity to develop new skills. Further your career while experiencing life across the country!