Travel Nursing

Common Travel Nursing Misconceptions

Considering becoming a travel nurse? Travel nursing has many great benefits besides the amazing locations. You can develop new skills, maintain schedule flexibility, and earn great pay! Read some of the common misconceptions about travel nursing and search our hottest travel nursing positions.

Misconception #1: Travel nursing is only for young people

Age is just a number. Travel nurses can be any age and at any stage of their career. Many times, hospitals even like to have more experienced nurses. Traveling is a great adventure no matter what age you are.

Misconception #2: You can’t travel with family or pets

Many travel nurses travel with their family and pets. If you let your recruiter know early on, they can help you find housing that is right for you.

Misconception #3: Travel nursing isn’t a stable career

Maintaining a career as a travel nurse may require a little more thought and organization, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be sustainable as a career. Try to be flexible when it comes to location and be willing to explore different options.

Misconception #4: It won’t look good on a resume

Employers know that travel assignments are temporary. Travel nursing can demonstrate your ability to quickly adapt to new environments and situations – a great way to strengthen your resume!

Misconception #5: You have to be far away from home and family

The beauty of travel nursing is flexibility. If you want to travel but don’t want to go halfway across the country, you can find assignments that are closer to home.

Ready to start the adventure of a lifetime? Search our open travel nursing assignments to get connect with a recruiter today!