Travel Nurse of the Month

Travel Nurse of the Month – September 2020

Each month, the Favorite Travel team will choose a Travel RN to be featured as our “Travel Nurse of the Month.” We will share photos and our Q & A sessions to help others get an inside look at the life of a Favorite Travel Nurse! Keep reading to learn more about this month’s pick and search our nationwide travel nursing opportunities.

Meet our September Travel Nurse of the Month, Shae!


Who or what inspired you to pursue your profession?

Honestly family. I was originally a business major, but wasn’t 100% set on my career choice. My mother, brother, and sister in-law are all RNs and they convinced me to change career paths. I haven’t looked back since!

What made you go into travel nursing?

The freedom of it all and getting to travel the world while making premium wages was a definite seller for me. It’s a win-win situation!

What has been your favorite assignment location so far?

Miami, Florida hands down. I had been to Miami several times before for the fun of it all, however being on contract there opened my eyes to a lot more of what Miami has to offer. I loved the endless choices of beaches to visit and all the different types of cuisine Miami had to offer. It’s definitely a melting pot of cultures from around the world and I loved it!

What is your favorite thing about travel nursing?

My favorite thing about travel nursing is the endless options of cities to visit and the contracts with the rewarding pay!

What is one thing you can’t live without while traveling?

One thing I can’t live without would definitely be my phone. Being able to stay in contact with loved ones while away for weeks, sometimes months at a time, definitely is a must. My phone and FaceTime certainly help during those brief moments of being homesick.

What advice can you give others who are interested in travel nursing?

The advice I’d give would be to JUST GO FOR IT! Don’t let your fear of the unknown or the what if’s hold you back! I promise you won’t regret the decision!

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned while working during the COVID-19 pandemic, personally or professionally?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to always be flexible and ready to help wherever needed. The last COVID contract I took definitely had it’s draining days while working seven days a week, however the help and care I was able to provide to those in need made it all worth it. I also learned that it’s okay to say “no” sometimes. You have to know when to say no, step back and take a break for yourself. It’s important to have the time to relax and regroup. The beaches help too!