Life at Favorite

Get To Know Your Travel Team!

You’ve heard a lot about travel nursing and the awesome destinations RNs visit while on contract, but who are the people who help make these adventures happen? Favorite Healthcare Staffing’s Travel Division is made up of incredible individuals who take pride in matching each nurse with their ideal assignment.

Whether you’re new to travel nursing, a seasoned veteran, or anywhere in between, these recruiters have your back every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your assignment. Get to know the lovely people behind the phones in our newest department spotlight, featuring our Travel team!


What’s your favorite thing about working in Favorite’s Travel Department?

“Meeting new people over the phone each day and getting to know their stories.” – Callie S.

“I love connecting and getting to know the nurses I work with.” – Randi D.

“The people! Love the friendships I have made here and the shared excitement of the team when we hit our goals.” – Laura E.

“It doesn’t feel like work, it’s more like family!” – Tara M.

“The awesome people, amazing culture, and fast paced days.” – Copper S.

“There’s never a dull moment. There is always something new to work on or a new nurse to converse with.” – Danny M.


What is one goal or resolution you have for 2020?

“Be more intentional about traveling and visiting family and friends.” – Rylee E.

“Plan a vacation with my mom.” – Haley H.

“Organizing my house and keeping it organized!” – Jessica W.

“To be healthier in both body and mind.” – Amanda G.

“Be more intentional about how I use every single day.” – Lauren L.

“To eat healthier.” – Martin R.