Favorite Named Best Staffing Firm to Work For


We are extremely proud Favorite was announced one of the “2015 Best Staffing Firms to Work For” by the Staffing Industry Analysts! SIA’s Executive Forum presented winners in Orlando, Florida on March 18.

This prestigious award highlights Favorite’s composite score for high levels of employee attitude and positive feedback toward the company. The recognition reflects internal satisfaction, as it correlates with the success of client retention, services, and brand. We strongly believe that in order to thrive externally, we must first be dedicated to those on our own team!

Providing our employees with a work hard/play hard culture, recognition, rewards, and sincere relationships help mold our mission to serve. We aim to make sure that everyone at Favorite is treated like family by expressing the value of each individual.

Apart from competitive compensation, Favorite employees participate in fulfilling recreation and are uniquely recognized!

Appreciation for our staff is translated through various activities:

  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Company Sponsored Volunteer Opportunities
  • Personal Birthday/Anniversary Celebrations
  • “Favorite Friday”-Our Own Company Holiday
  • Seasonal Events-From Halloween to March Madness

Kathy Perry, Favorite’s President, believes in valuing our employees. “Favorite Healthcare takes steps to provide employees with opportunities to assure them that they are more than just what they produce, they are family. When employees feel valued as equal members of the team they go above and beyond with their clients.” –Perry. Favorite’s Senior Vice President, Cathy Vollmer, shares a similar sentiment as it contributes to the company’s client retention success. “Clients stay with Favorite because of our people. We do what we say we do, but always listen to our employees and incorporate their ideas to provide an even better service.”–Vollmer.

Favorite’s goal is to be the premier provider of temporary healthcare professionals, providing clients and employees with extra-mile service. This mission guides us but the foundation of our success is our people. As a result, productivity mirrors the team’s holistic perception of their importance. We value those who continue to steer Favorite in the right direction. We thank all of our employees for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to being the best. This award perfectly exemplifies our new branding:

“We’re Your Advocate, We’re Your Family, We’re Your Favorite!”