Coping with Stress: Advice From Real Nurses

We already know that careers in healthcare are some of the most stressful and that many professionals can experience compassion fatigue. How do nurses cope with the daily stress of the job? We asked real nurses about their strategies for dealing with job-related stress. Keep reading to see if you can apply these tips to your own career.

Communication is key.

RN Gina encounters a large amount of stress while working in the ER. Her patients are often in critical condition and she says that the patient to nurse ratio is one of the most stressful aspects of her job.

“I’ve handled this stress by communicating with my peers. They help assist me with the care of patients when I’m overloaded with critical patients.”

Gina knows that teamwork is vital for overcoming the daily challenges in healthcare and that her peers will be there to help her if she asks. Remember to communicate with others when you need help.

Forget Your Mistakes

Julia, another Favorite nurse, manages her stress through exercise and writing things down.

“Exercise helps me get rid of the pent-up stress while journaling helps me to forget my mistakes and lets me move on. It’s written down, now I can stop rehashing it in my mind!”

It’s important not to dwell too long on the things that cause stress. Exercise and journaling are excellent strategies to help manage these feelings.

Which of these strategies have you tried? Let us know if they work for you!

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