Life at Favorite

Branch Spotlight: Meet the Atlanta Team!


Get to know the people of Favorite’s Atlanta Branch in our first Branch Spotlight!

This hard-working team of two has a total of 28 years combined experience working in the healthcare field. As the Atlanta Branch Director, Timothy is responsible for the overall operation of the branch. “My daily duties include sales and marketing, management of staff, and recruitment, as well as office administration,” he explained.

As a Recruiter and the other half of this team, Alecia is responsible for recruiting healthcare professionals for various Per Diem assignments throughout Georgia. She stays in constant communication to provide support and address any needs they may have.

The branch currently has RN and MA Contracts, as well as LPN and CNA Per Diem assignments throughout Georgia. Call 770-493-7320 to learn more about these openings or complete an application online.

Continue reading our Q & A session with Timothy and Alecia to learn more about this dynamic duo!

What do you love most about what you do?

Timothy: The relationships I’ve developed have all inspired me to be proud of my agency family, the product I see, and the service I deliver.

Alecia: Being a resource to our clients as well as other healthcare professionals.


What three traits define you?

T: Visionary, Autonomous, Responsible

A: Patient, Cheerful, Determined


What do you love most about Atlanta?

T: The food, history, and diversity.

A: The Southern hospitality.


What do you like to do in your free time?

T: I love spending time with my kids, volunteering, music, and basketball.

A: I enjoy creating diverse vegan dishes that all taste buds can enjoy.


What’s your favorite meal to cook at home?

T: This is not my area…you would be disappointed big time. But I can make a fabulous reservation!

A: Anything Vegan!


Describe Favorite’s culture in one word.

T: Success

A: Diverse


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would be first on your list?

 T: Amsterdam

A: France


What personal and professional goals do you have for 2020?

 T: Now that we are foster parents, a personal goal would be to adopt by the end of the year. Professionally, I plan to continue to build my branch in a positive direction with the hopes of us growing!

A: My goal is to continue to identify and secure the best healthcare talent in the Georgia market, which will contribute to the success of the Atlanta Branch. My goal is also to expand my knowledge and experience within the Favorite Healthcare Staffing family.


What’s your favorite quote?

 T: You can only witness change and progress by defining a strong purpose and working effortlessly to achieve it!

A: Don’t be afraid of the storms that come your way because at the end of every storm there is always a beautiful rainbow.

Take a look at Favorite’s jobs openings in Georgia, or call 770-493-7320 to speak with Timothy and Alecia today!