Per Diem Nursing

Best Nursing Jobs for New Parents


Per diem nursing has its benefits, especially for those looking for flexibility and control over their work schedule.

The work-life balance can be a challenge for everyone, but especially for new moms and dads. Working while being a new parent can be a balancing act. The benefits of having a job – the learning opportunities, connections and of course your paycheck – are important, but as a parent, you also want to be present in your child’s life. Luckily, the career of nursing provides many great options for those who need a flexible schedule. The opportunities are practically endless.

If you have ever wished that you could schedule your work around your personal life instead of the other way around, per diem nursing may be the right fit for you. Per diem can be a great option for every stage of your career, which is why it is one of the best nursing jobs for new moms and dads.

While per diem positions are great for those who want to try out different hospitals or facilities before committing to a permanent position, these opportunities are also fantastic for new parents who are looking to keep one foot in the working world. It can be extremely beneficial to pick up the occasional shift to keep your experience relevant and per diem work has the flexibility to make this possible. You will have the ability to set the hours and terms of which you want to work. Per diem nursing truly is the best fit for those who need flexibility.

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