Allied Health

What is Allied Health?

Allied health professionals have a diverse range of duties. But what is allied health?

Because this segment of healthcare is so broad, it can be difficult to define. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines allied health as “a broad field of health-care professions made up of specially trained individuals (such as physical therapists, dental hygienists, audiologists and dietitians) who are typically licensed or certified.”

Allied health professionals practice the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, promote disease prevention and health wellness, and provide rehabilitation services. The types of professions in this field are abundant. A few well known non-nurse and non-physician allied positions include: speech language pathologists, dietitians, occupational therapists, physical therapists and medical assistants – just to name a few.

Just like there are many allied health careers, there are also many professionals who practice in this industry. It is estimated that allied health professionals represent about 60% of the healthcare workforce, and this number is likely to rise as the industry continues to grow.

Some allied health professionals collaborate with other healthcare providers, such as physicians and nurses. While others, like those who work in nutrition, exercise and health education, work more independently.

One thing is certain: there are many opportunities in allied health and Favorite can help you take advantage of them.

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