Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out

In case you missed it, March 20th marked the first day of spring, a critical date for those committed to the “Spring Cleaning” ritual. Are you already behind?

Instead of focusing on “homey” tips and checklists, what if we used this opportunity to look inward and clean up our personal clutter? Healthcare professionals are dedicated to making life easier for others. Why not begin with ourselves?

It’s normal for stress and concerns to stem from busy lives. Positive introspection helps soothe chaos created by mental and emotional clutter. Try these simple tips:


Sometimes a pen and paper are your best escape.

Listen to music

Calming tunes help us relax, get away and see a bigger picture.


Keeping it all in doesn’t help. Express your concerns and daily battles with someone you trust. Another perspective might bring clarity you missed. Cerebral fuzziness may not vanish after one chat, but you got everything off your chest and it’s a great start!


Seriously, have you ever met someone who hated laughing? It makes you feel good inside! Give your brain a break and just laugh it all out!

Meditate, pray, read a book

Whatever works for you. Breathe easy. Life can be difficult but you’re not the only one feeling it. You cannot control everything. All you can do is balance out your life!

Manage relationship clutter

Toxic people can poison your mind, IF you LET them. Cut those individuals off! Whoever is planting bad seeds in your Life Garden, snip, dig out, and dispose!

Secure your calendar

Spring is short, let’s get busy! Begin managing your time wisely by erasing engagements that aren’t important. Know when to say no. Take full control over what you agree to do and what just isn’t necessary. But most importantly, give yourself some “Me Time.”

Let go of what you cannot change, change what you can,
and toss everything that is mentally toxic.

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle. It applies in many aspects of your life. Start with yourself first. It is wise to clean “in house” every once in a while!

What are your personal “Spring Cleaning” rituals? Share with us what has been most beneficial for you!


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