Per Diem Nursing

How does per diem work in nursing?

Nursing is a versatile and fulfilling career choice. Per diem nursing is excellent for those who would like to make some extra income, stick close to home and have a flexible schedule. How does per diem work? Per diem is a Latin term that means “by the day” or “daily.” Often, per diem staff are used by hospitals and clinics during times of unusually high influx, such as flu season or when natural disasters strike.

Benefits of Per Diem Nursing

A Great Way to Make Some Extra Cash

Nurses have the opportunity to work extra hours to supplement their income. Many nurses consider working per diem if their current job does not allow them to work overtime. Some nurses even work per diem as a full-time gig.

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The Best Way to Test Out Different Nursing Specialties

Thinking about exploring new career opportunities? Per diem is an easy way to do so because it allows you to test the waters with different specialties before fully committing. Working per diem shifts in different hospitals or units can help you get your foot in the door if you’re thinking about long-term employment.

Choose the Schedule You Want

Many nurses love per diem work because they can choose the shifts they want to work. They are not tied down to the needs of working in a full-time unit. We’ve talked about it before, but one of the best things about per diem is the flexibility and work-life balance.

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