Travel Nurse of the Month

Congratulations to our First Traveler of the Month!

We might be biased, but our travel nurses are incredible. Favorite traveling nurses get to live in beautiful locations while doing something they’re passionate about. We want to give you the inside scoop on what our travel nurses do while on assignment, so each month we’ll feature one of these awesome RNs!

If you’ve ever been interested in travel nursing, continue reading to learn what it’s like from one of our very own nurses.

Congratulations to Favorite’s very first “Traveler of the Month,” Megan T.!

Megan became a nurse back in 2014. Her mother, aunts and grandmother were all nurses, so Megan always felt a natural pull to go into nursing. The mix between science and compassion is unlike any other career and Megan’s love for nursing always goes back to the people. Listening to her patient’s stories while helping them get back to health makes nursing one of the most rewarding and diverse careers.

Megan explains what she loves most about travel nursing:

“I really love the flexibility and opportunities travel nursing offers. It allows me to be home for important holidays or family events, and has been beneficial to my graduate schooling and life with my husband. It gives us both the opportunity to enjoy our country and meet new people.”

Colorado is by far Megan’s favorite location for travel nursing.

“I’ve always loved the mountains over the beach. Colorado has beautiful weather to offer year-round, and so many things to do!”

If there’s any advice Megan can offer to aspiring travel nurses, it’s this:

“Go into your job with an attitude that is hard to dislike, be open to constructive criticism and to new friendships, and go out of your way to be helpful at each assignment!”


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