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Our Favorite Tips: Travel Nurse Resume

So, you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of travel nursing. But how do you get your resume noticed? What are some general DO’s and DON’Ts to make your travel nurse resume stand out in front of recruiters?

We sat down with Jessica, a Senior Recruiter in our Travel Department, and asked for advice on how to make a nurse’s resume great.

Here are the top travel nurse resume tips Jessica says can help you stand out from the crowd

List previous employment chronologically

The first employment experience you list should be the most recent. Don’t start your list with the first job you ever had.

Don’t forget the facility name

List the facility you worked at, not the agency you worked with. Also include any relevant details about the unit you worked on such as number of beds and level of unit. It’s also helpful to know if it was a travel assignment or staff job.

Include valid and recent references

References should be a charge nurse or supervisor. References from the last 12 months are ideal.

Include your current certifications

Remember to include any certifications you currently hold – BLS, ACLS, etc. – as well as any continuing education you may have completed that relates to your clinical skillset.

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