Allied Traveler of the Month

Allied Traveler of the Month – February 2020

Meet our first Allied Traveler of the Month: Aaron, Certified Sterile Processing Tech.

If you’ve ever been interested in taking on a Travel contract as an Allied Health Professional, keep reading to learn more about Aaron’s experience with traveling!

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Who or what inspired you to pursue your profession?

While I worked as a Housekeeper, I was assigned to clean the Sterile Processing Department. During that time I shadowed techs and realized that I needed a new challenge. I absolutely had to break into the field.

Working in the Sterile Processing Department
Working in the Sterile Processing Department


What has been your favorite assignment location so far and why?

Kansas City because I’ve always called it my second home and it also boasts the best BBQ and football in America. Kansas city offers everything a larger major city has, but with half the traffic and distance.

Kansas City skyline - exploring the city!
Kansas City skyline – exploring the city!


What is your favorite thing about traveling as an Allied Health Professional?

I enjoy re-learning everything when I arrive to a new facility. The job is the same but the processes are all slightly different. Because of this I am able to grow my knowledge through the different processes and keep myself from burning out in the profession. I love making new friends and establishing contacts all over the mainland. Most importantly for me, I enjoy visiting new restaurants, trying new food and local brew, and experiencing different and diverse night life.

Kansas City Chiefs Game
Kansas City Chiefs Game


What is one thing you can’t live without while traveling?

My Xbox – it’s coming with me every time, hands down.

What advice can you give other Allied professionals who are interested in travel contracts?

Make sure you can make the financial leap. I consider this traveling profession a high risk high reward opportunity. Stand confident in your professional and social skills. Networking and finding your fit at a new facility is half the battle.

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