Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is the time for friends, pool days and fun in the sun, but with the heat also comes a few risks. Follow these summer safety tips to ensure a fun but safe summer! 

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Remember to drink plenty of water

Avoid alcohol, caffeine or other sugary drinks. Stick with water as your body to needs replenish itself when you sweat more than usual during those summer months.

Eat smaller meals

Eating lighter meals will help keep your body temperature low during the warmer months. Try eating salads, fresh fruits and veggies, which do not require much digestive effort and will help you stay cool.

Wear light clothing

Avoiding heavy and tight clothing is an easy way to keep your body cool.

Spend less time in the sun

If you can, try to spend less time outside in the heat. Help keep your body cool and avoid the dangers of overheating.

Remember your sunscreen

If you do spend time outdoors, wearing sunscreen is crucial. Don’t forget to reapply frequently if you are spending a lot of time in the sun.


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