Allied Health

Resume Tips for Allied Healthcare Professionals

Allied health professionals make up about 60 percent of healthcare professionals in the United States. From medical assistants to pharmacy techs to dietitians, the impact of allied health professionals ranges far and wide.

In such a competitive field, how can allied professionals make their resumes and skills stand out from the crowd? Follow these simple tips to help you create a stellar resume.

Stay up-to-date

As we all know, the healthcare industry is constantly changing. Make the job search process easy and quick by keeping your relevant certifications up-to-date. Show your recruiter that you’re ahead of the game!

Show me the numbers

Give your resume substance by providing quantifiable information. How many clinicals did you attend? What was the number of beds in the last unit you worked in? Number of patients you helped? Sharing numbers gives a better visual of your responsibilities.

Brag about your strengths

What sets you apart from other allied health professionals? Don’t be afraid to brag about your strengths that set you apart and make you more qualified.

Don’t forget to proofread

It’s a simple thing to do, but not everyone does it. Make sure to look over your resume several times before applying or sending it on to a Favorite recruiter. Even better, have a friend look it over too. They could catch a mistake that you missed.

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