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How to Make Your Nursing Orientation Successful

First-day jitters are common. No matter what stage you are at in your nursing career – recent graduate or seasoned nurse – starting a new job or in a new specialty can be a bit stressful. While orientation can be overwhelming, it is there to help you learn the policies and procedures of the new facility you will work in. How can you make your nursing orientation a successful one? Here are a few of our Favorite tips to help you feel like your best self on the first day!

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Arrive early

Show that you are eager and ready to learn by arriving to orientation early.

Take notes

Although you won’t need to take notes on everything, it will be helpful to jot down the most important things to remember.

Always ask questions

Now is the time to speak up and get clarification on something if you don’t understand.

Bring food

Pack a few protein-rich snacks the night before your orientation to help keep you energized throughout the day.

Come prepared

Whatever it is you need to have in the specialty you will be working in, bring it.

Be honest

Don’t be afraid to speak up during orientation and be honest about what you need. You will receive the training that’s right for you.

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