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LTAC Nursing Jobs with Favorite

Long-term acute care (LTAC) settings offer nurses some of the most challenging and rewarding environments to work in. These facilities focus on the treatment of patients with serious medical conditions who require ongoing care.

LTAC jobs for nurses are among some of the most competitive, and Favorite gives nurses around the country the opportunity to have one of these high-paying jobs. Favorite places nurses in three of the largest long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH) in the country.

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What are the benefits of LTACHs?

LTACHs provide more cost-effective care because these facilities can focus resources on a concentrated number of specialized treatments.

What type of patients are typically seen in LTACHs?

Patients who are discharged from an intensive care unit, but also require more care than they would receive in a rehabilitation center, typically stay in an LTACH. You can expect to see patients who need intensive respiratory care, prolonged ventilator use, complex wound care or ongoing dialysis for chronic renal failure. The average length of a patient’s stay in an LTACH is about 30 days.

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