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Intern Spotlight: Marisa A.

Throughout the month of July, we’ve been featuring our awesome summer interns who are pursuing a career in the healthcare field. Next up is Marisa, who works in our National Accounts department!


What area of healthcare are you pursuing?


What (or who) inspired you to go into that area of healthcare?

I’ve always been involved with community service growing up and I realized that I love helping others at a young age. My Grandma always wanted me to become a nurse and once I reached High school and developed an interest in science and the healthcare field, it was an easy decision to pursue a nursing degree.

How has interning at Favorite been beneficial for you in terms of preparing you for your future career?

Favorite has helped me tremendously in preparing me for not only a nursing career, but also by preparing me to enter the job force in general. My communication and professional skills have greatly improved by working in an office setting as this type of work is new to me. I also didn’t know much about staffing agencies and how nurses apply for jobs through these companies. I’ve learned a lot about the process of nurses applying for these jobs and what makes a nurse a good candidate. In the future, if I’m ever interested in working through a staffing agency I now know how to properly conduct myself to get the job I desire!

What’s your favorite thing about interning with FHS?

My favorite thing about interning with FHS is the people I work with! The National Accounts Team has been extremely welcoming and helpful as I learn to navigate all the new aspects of the intern life. Every person that I’ve come across here at Favorite always has a friendly face and is more than willing to lend a helping hand – not only to their coworkers in the office, but to the nurses they talk with daily!

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