Featured Employee

Intern Spotlight: Linnea C.

Throughout the month of July, we’ve been featuring our awesome summer interns who are pursuing a career in the healthcare field. Our last intern spotlight is Linnea, who works in our Travel Nursing department!


What area of healthcare are you pursuing?

I plan on majoring in nursing and later becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA).

What (or who) inspired you to go into that area of healthcare?

I tore my ACL a few years back and had to get surgery, so that peaked my interest as far as being a CRNA goes. My dad is also a firefighter, so hearing his stories from medical calls has always been interesting to me and inspired me to go into nursing in the first place.

How has interning at Favorite been beneficial for you in terms of preparing you for your future career?

Interning at Favorite has helped me learn how to work and deal with people from all walks of life, which will be helpful when working with patients in my future.

What’s your favorite thing about interning with FHS?

My favorite thing about interning with FHS is meeting all the nice people and being in a fun, encouraging environment.

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