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Intern Spotlight: Avery S.

Throughout the month of July, we will be featuring our awesome summer interns who are pursuing a career in the healthcare field. First up is Avery S. who works in our Allied Health division!


What area of healthcare are you pursuing?

I’m pursing a biology degree with a pre-medicine focus in the hopes that once I graduate, I will be accepted into a medical school. As of now I’m set on being a surgeon of some sort, or an anesthesiologist.

Through various programs, I’ve already accumulated a lot of hours shadowing in OR’s and have seen a several surgeries. I also completed a course last year to be certified as a CNA because I wanted the experience in a healthcare setting, as well as the experience of starting at a position that is solely focused on patient contact.

What (or who) inspired you to go into this area of healthcare?

I don’t know what specifically inspired me to pursue healthcare. Maybe it was all the medical shows (Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, etc.) I’ve watched with friends and family, or maybe it was just based off my general interest in helping people. I’ve always leaned towards science and math-based subjects in school, and human anatomy and physiology was one of my favorite classes. I want to work directly with people, which is why I think becoming a doctor appealed to me. By being a doctor, I would be part of diagnosing the problem and finding the solution, not just either or.

How has interning at Favorite been beneficial for you in terms of preparing you for your future career?

Interning at Favorite has allowed me to understand all the background work that takes place to staff and run healthcare locations. It has also allowed me to immerse myself in an environment that is purely healthcare focused, and has improved my knowledge of medical terminology.

What’s your favorite thing about interning with FHS?

My favorite thing about interning has been the people. The departments I’ve worked in have been so open and welcoming, it makes my time here just fly by.

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