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Favorite Salutes the Nation’s Volunteers


Where would the world be without volunteers?

Favorite Employees Volunteering for a Brighter Tomorrow
Favorite Employees Volunteering for a Brighter Tomorrow


This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week, a time to recognize, encourage and inspire people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities!

Join Favorite as we honor those who sacrifice their time and talents to give back! From working a disaster relief project to volunteering in senior centers and hospitals, we appreciate all of these great deeds! Efforts by large groups of people and even individual acts of kindness truly make a difference. Just think of how many people are guided, assisted, transformed and saved by those who lend a helping hand…

Favorite supports this initiative to give back—it’s one of our central values. We promote the concept of associates being involved and giving back to their communities. With blood mobiles, food and clothing drives, and marathon fundraisers, Favorite participates in a wide array of volunteer opportunities!

Our Volunteer Program “Volunteering for a Brighter Tomorrow” encourages employees to begin and continue active volunteerism. In fact, a new Favorite Volunteer Contest begins this month! Participating employees can showcase their service activity on Facebook, with the goal to win a donation to the charity of their choice! Visit our Volunteer Program page for more details and registration!

Let this week inspire you to find your own volunteer niche! Endless opportunities exist to serve your community; seek out the one that fits you best. No act of service is too small to spark motivation, provide assistance, or even change someone’s life.

Let’s spread the word, highlighting the importance of volunteering for the greater good of the community and ultimately the world! By working together, we meet challenges with fortitude to accomplish goals that add meaning and significance to the lives of others.

It begins with one person—What is your Favorite way to give back?