Favorite “Newbie” Tips!

Favorite’s mission is to be the nation’s premier provider of temporary healthcare professionals! Our Favorites are no strangers to being a “newbie” on the job—it’s an integral part of our culture. Being hired into a new facility can be very thrilling, yet intimidating and uncomfortable at first. But with these tips, we hope to ease your transition and encourage embracing being a “newbie”!

Sit Back and Observe!

Wait after scoping out your new domain to make judgements. The culture, values, and where you best fit among co-workers will soon be revealed!

Be Open!

Accept your new environment. You may be introduced to new technologies, processes, and systems that are unfamiliar and challenging. Keeping an open mind will soothe the transition!

Respect the differences!

With new territory comes practices and people who may not mesh well with you, or agree with your beliefs and values. But we’ve all heard it before: Give respect to get it!

Be Confident!

This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people lose confidence their first day out in the field. Being the “newbie” sometimes makes us feel unknowledgeable and insecure—don’t be! Now is your chance to prove yourself! You were hired for a reason. Bring your A-game and play it!

Make a Good First Impression!

You only get one chance—being friendly and engaging with others creates a warmth that your new co-workers won’t forget. Little things do matter. Bob Bessette of WorkAwesome, an online career guide, suggests remembering someone’s name as it can go a long way when starting off good working relationships. Offering to help out and thoroughly listening, adds to his list of tips. Check out his full article for more suggestions!

We understand how transitioning into new environments can be nerve-racking. But we strongly encourage you to remain confident! Know that because you are a part of our Favorite Family, you are the best of the best! Remember that and these tips, and your transition will be smooth sailing!

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