Per Diem Nursing

Favorite Celebrates National Nurses Week 2015!

We appreciate nurses and healthcare professionals every day of the year, but we especially enjoy the opportunity to publicly honor our nurses during National Nurses Week! Nurses truly provide the heartbeat of healthcare—without their competence, compassion and commitment to their patients, where would we be? 

This week we recognize all of you who wake up each day to perform one of the most difficult jobs in our society. We salute you for humbly and courageously choosing to place others’ lives in your hands. We acknowledge your heroic efforts in:

  • Juggling long hours and working rigid shifts
  • Enduring the frustration of patients and their families
  • Being a blessing in both tragic illnesses and happy events
  • Enthusiastically cheering on your patients through every step of their recovery

…all these and so many more.

This year, ANA’s theme highlights the ethical practice and quality care that nurses provide. Favorite proudly joins the industry, celebrating your ongoing efforts to improve healthcare, patient satisfaction, and outcomes! We strive to support you by developing efficient processes with cutting edge systems and technologies. We offer accessibility on multiple platforms, through social media, and our 24/7/365 operations center that is always ready to be of service to you! Nurses have been the backbone of our organization since 1981, when founded as Favorite Nurses. Your devotion and care continues to inspire us to excel for you and the individuals you serve in the workplace and your communities.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our family as a Favorite Nurse! We support your efforts by continuing to reinforce our motto every day, every shift, every year:

We’re Your Advocate, We’re Your Family, We’re Your Favorite!