Life at Favorite

Favorite Celebrates Earth Day 2015

Society is embracing a more efficient, environmentally conscious lifestyle. We see it everywhere—the hybrid vehicle passing you by on the freeway, recycled textiles, refurbished products and countless energy conservation techniques. It’s difficult to ignore the movement. Today marks a special day to further encourage and raise awareness of being more eco-friendly! Happy Earth Day!

Join Favorite as we highlight this worldwide event dedicated to supporting environmental protection! This week’s festivals, cleanups, and workshops galore add a splash of green to the streets!

Communities across the globe band together for a mass of activities that share the advancement of treating our earth kindly. In fact, companies like Favorite continue to lead the way!

Check out how much paper is in your wallet. Nowadays paper checks and deposit slips are a thing of the past. One of Favorite’s unique benefits is our paperless payroll system—being one of the first staffing organizations to adopt this method! No need to dread waiting on your mailed paycheck, the bank to credit it, or high check cashing company fees. Favorite provides you with immediate direct deposit and withdrawal capabilities on your scheduled pay day! Our Payroll Card even caters to those without a bank account, allowing access to paychecks with ATMs throughout the country! This, in addition to our entire paperless system, advocates the need to preserve. With our recent mobile launch we also provide easier, more sustainable website access!

Favorite not only promotes giving back through volunteerism, but also with best practices for resource conservation! We are committed to finding ways of making our company more sustainable, green, and eco-friendly!

What are the Favorite “green” practices that have been most beneficial in your life? Do you have plans to get involved in any Earth Day festivities?

Endless opportunities exist to participate today, and every day! Visit the official Earth Day site for more information, events and programs in your own community!