Travel Nursing

5 Tips for First-Time Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is the perfect career opportunity for those with wanderlust. If you are new to travel nursing and want to take your career on the road, take a look at our Tips for First-Time Travel Nurses below and get ready for your next assignment!

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Get organized

It’s always important to prepare when embarking on a new journey. Make sure to update your nursing license, immunization records, references and resume. You Favorite recruiter will help you stay on top of all these requirements.

Arrive early on day one

Rather than arriving the day before your assignment begins, get there with plenty of time to be familiar with the new area you’ll be living in. Giving yourself extra time to settle in can help with those first day jitters. You have one shot at a first impression so make it a positive one and arrive early on your first day of work!

Have a positive attitude

Starting a new job in a new location can be an intimidating experience; however, it’s important to keep a positive attitude throughout your assignment. Check out some advice from real nurses on how to handle stress on the job. Remember to keep an open mind and be a team player!

Think about your next assignment

You’d be surprised by how quickly 13 weeks can fly by. It’s important to think about what you want to do, or where you want to go next. Do you want to extend your assignment? Try a new location? It’s beneficial to plan ahead when you are a travel nurse, and Favorite’s recruiters can help with those plans.

Stay connected with your recruiter

Recruiters at Favorite Healthcare Staffing are your greatest advocate, so remember to use them as a resource. Be open with your recruiter and share what you want to get out of a travel assignment. They will help you find the perfect fit.

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