Travel Nursing

5 Tips for First-Time Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is the perfect career opportunity for those with a desire to see the world. If you are new to travel nursing and don’t know where to start, read Favorite’s travel nurse guide to get you on the right track. Ready to take your career on the road? Here are our top five tips for first time travel nurses.

Get organized

Before you start your travel nurse career, it's important to get organized and be prepared. Don't forget to keep your nursing license, certifications, immunization records, references, and resume up to date. Download Favorite’s mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to quickly upload your credentials, update federal tax information, and more to help you stay organized on the go. If you forget a few things, don’t worry because your recruiter will be there to help you every step of the way.

Ask questions

As you prepare to embark on your travel nursing journey, make sure to ask questions. Feel confident in talking to your recruiter or other travel nurses, whether it’s to get clarity or travel nursing tips. Don’t let fear or embarrassment hinder your progress, instead embrace the opportunity to learn and grow in your travel nursing journey! Asking questions is a great way to feel more prepared before starting your first travel nursing assignment.

Pack smart

Once you find out where you’re taking your assignment, make sure to do research on the location you're traveling to and take note of the length of your assignment to ensure you pack accordingly. It's important to pack clothes that are suitable for the climate and season of your destination. You only need to pack the essentials and some layering options, so you're prepared for any occasion. Don't forget comfortable shoes, an umbrella, travel steamer, and lint roller - these are must-haves! Still need more tips on what to pack? Read our travel nurse guide on packing the essentials.

Have a positive attitude

Starting a new job in a new location can be intimidating, but it's crucial to maintain a positive attitude throughout your assignment. A piece of advice for first time travel nurses is to keep an open mind and be a team player! Research shows that when you’re genuinely happy at your job, you become more productive, experience higher levels of satisfaction, and find the inspiration to go above and beyond your responsibilities. As a travel nurse, a positive attitude can radiate onto others and create a comforting environment for your patients, resulting in higher quality care.

Stay connected with your travel nurse recruiter

Time flies when you’re a travel nurse, so it’s important to plan your next steps. Whether you want to extend your current assignment or explore a new location, planning ahead is key and your travel nurse recruiter will be there to assist you. Your recruiter is your strongest advocate, so don’t hesitate to lean on them. Be transparent about your goals for your travel nurse career, and we will work to find the perfect assignment for you.

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