Travel Nursing

5 (more) Tips for First-Time Travel Nurses

We’ve already shared 5 awesome tips for first-time travel nurses. Travel nursing is such a fantastic career opportunity for those with the travel bug, so we wanted to share more advice for those who are new to travel nursing. Below are 5 more tips for travel nurses!

Pack Smart

Over-packing is one of the biggest mistakes nurses make on their first travel assignment. Be creative and only pack the essentials.

Favorite Healthcare Staffing travel nursing_pack smart

Be Flexible

Always have at least three places on your wish list. This will increase your chances of finding the perfect assignment.

Favorite Healthcare Staffing travel nursing_be flexible

Ask Questions

During orientation, you will likely have questions about your new job, Don’t be afraid to speak up when you don’t understand.

Favorite Healthcare Staffing travel nursing_ask questions

Make Friends With Your Co-Workers

Getting to know co-workers will help you adjust to a new place. A few close friends can make your first assignment a successful one.



Take the time to enjoy and explore your new temporary home. You never know, you may never want to leave!

Favorite Healthcare Staffing travel nursing_explore

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