Per Diem Nursing

What does per diem mean?

Have you ever considered picking up extra shifts with per diem nursing? Per diem nursing jobs provide healthcare workers with many benefits full-time nurses can’t always take advantage of. Favorite makes it easy for nurses to find assignments that fit their unique needs.

What does per diem mean?

Per diem is a Latin term that literally means “by the day” or “daily.” Per diem nursing is great for those who want more flexibility and freedom in their jobs. Per diem workers provide short-term employment to cover for full-time staff who may be sick or on vacation. They also provide additional help during especially busy periods, such as during major holidays.

A per diem nurse’s schedule may look a little different. Unlike other types of contract nursing that can last weeks or months, per diem nurses work for a much shorter period of time. A single per diem assignment may only cover a couple days of employment. Depending on the situation, per diem nurses could be placed in variety of units or even different hospitals and clinics.

Working with a per diem agency like Favorite Healthcare Staffing has its advantages. We work with a wide variety of facilities and clinics to help place nurses where and when they are needed. This gives our nurses more opportunity to find a shift that works with their schedule. Per diem nursing is an exciting career option and can provide nurses with variety and change of scenery.

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