Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing Trends in 2019

In 2019, we will continue to see a variety of trends in the travel nursing industry take shape. Many of these trends are positive and exciting for registered nurses. Here are some trends that may benefit travel nurses this year.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there is expected to be a 19% growth in travel nursing by the year 2022.

  • The nursing shortage will continue to rise. Current nurses will have many opportunities as more jobs become available.
  • It will be even easier for nurses to acquire jobs across state lines. Nurses will continue to benefit from the nurse compact license because more states were added to the eNLC last year.
  • New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut and Georgia have some of the highest average travel nursing salaries around the country.
  • Travel nurses earn on average 18% more than staff registered nurses due to their ability to travel to different locations as needed.
  • Boost your travel nurse payscale by pursuing additional training and higher levels of education, such as obtaining a Master of Science in Nursing.
  • Travel nursing pay packages remained stable throughout the first half of 2018. States that have higher pay rates usually match the cost of living in that area.
  • We will continue to see technological advances in medicine. In the healthcare industry, new technology and techniques are always emerging to help make things more efficient. New technology will continue to grow and shape the future of the industry.

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