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Favorite Tips for Living Outside of Work

It is human nature to want to feel valued, recognized and successful in what we do! Often, this applies mostly to our careers as we try to make sure these areas are fulfilled, while seeking financial stability—which is not a bad thing at all! But have we become so consumed in wanting to make a living that we are forgetting to…live?

We slam the alarm, after snoozing a few times of course, and prepare ourselves for work. We go, perform our duties, then head home to release the day’s working frenzy. What do most of us do next? Prep to do it all over again the next day. Where in between these tasks, and duties, and meetings, and phone calls, and emails, do we stop to actually enjoy our life outside of work? Kathryn Sandford of Lifehack, on “Why You Should Be Making a Life Instead of Making a Living“, expresses that work is essential as it brings us a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction to our lives. But when it takes over our lives or we become slaves to our jobs, we begin “existing” instead of “living”, no longer finding the satisfaction in what we do.

Never lose the enthusiasm and love for your life. Ultimately, this is what drives your attitude toward the different areas in your life, including your career. We offer you some tips to help spark that passion once again!

Adjust Your Alarm– Whatever time you wake up for work, try to get out of bed an hour or so earlier. Use this as “me time.” Whether to exercise, catch up on a novel’s chapter, meditate, cook that well-balanced breakfast you’ve been skipping, or soak in the view from your window, start your day off for you –not just work!

Wait to Check Emails– Though tempting, don’t check your email first thing after you wake up. Author Julie Morgenstern tells the Huffington Post that if you start your day off responding to emails, you’ll never recover. Emails are reactive, not proactive, according to her book “Never Check E-mail in the Morning.” They are filled with requests, and reminders, and surprises. Avoid emails at least an hour into your day, allowing you to set your own tone!

Take Breathers– Depending on your career, sometimes it is extremely difficult to stop what you are doing and take a break. However, it is imperative to take lunch. Try to eat with a friend and discuss your lives outside of work. This will not only break you away from work’s hustle and bustle, but also give you a chance to simply talk about what is going on in your world!

Make Each Evening Worthwhile– We understand, some days you are just too tired to do anything but hop in bed. But on those occasions when you have some energy, catch up on life as much as possible! Exercise, go out to dinner with a loved one, shop, enjoy the scenery at your nearest park, play with your children, pets, read a book….your post-work options are endless! Whatever you do, unwind before preparing for the next work day!

Sure, a successful career is something to strive for. But we should all strive to enjoy our lives just as much! Take these tips into consideration and adjust your focus! Release that work stress and live as much as you can! And when you do, tell us for a chance to win a $100 gift card. We want to hear what you do after work or during your off-time to unwind! Check out our My Favorite Way to “Chill” Contest Page for more details!

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