Welcome to Favorite Healthcare Staffing (Favorite)! We want you to find working with us both enjoyable and financially rewarding. As with any successful relationship, good communications is key. To this end, take time to become familiar with the following discussion of the benefits and associated terms and conditions of working for Favorite. Our Mission can be found on our website at Acceptance of the Benefits, Terms and Conditions of Employment is your agreement to abide by the all the policies and procedures herein.

Table of Contents

Benefits and Bonuses

  • CEU Reimbursement
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Referral Bonus
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • 401(k) – Retirement Plan
  • Payroll Look-Up on the Web

Policies and General Information

  • Employment Relationship
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Automatic Rebooking
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Professional Conduct
  • Confidentiality
  • Employee Grievances
  • Criminal Background Investigations Policy
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Safety Rules
  • Floating
  • Orientation
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Payroll Procedures
  • Overtime and Holidays
  • Address/Name Changes/Tax Documents
  • Name Tags
  • Dress Code
  • Transportation
  • National Operations Center
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Professional Liability Insurance


Benefits & Bonuses

This information applies to those employees who provide billable services to clients.  Favorite reserves the right to modify and/or eliminate any benefits or information described. Additional information is available on some of these benefits (e.g., 401k, health insurance, etc.) on the company’s website, or from any local branch office. It is the responsibility of the employee to request this information and complete all necessary applications for participation. Referral Bonus payments are conditioned on the maintenance of all required credentials and good standing of the employment relationship.



To support our commitment to the ongoing education of our employees, Favorite provides CEU reimbursement.  To qualify for this benefit, certain conditions apply. More information is available from our website or from your local branch office representative.



We highly value the health and well-being of our employees and their families. Therefore, Favorite offers health insurance benefits, at a reasonable cost. See our website (Benefits Tab) or contact the corporate office Benefits Administrator in the Human Resources Department for more information on current programs. 


For those employees employed in Massachusetts, additional insurance information is required by the state under the Massachusetts Healthcare Reform Act. Therefore, upon hire, you will be requested to complete the Employee Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure Form by your branch office personnel. For more information log onto



Earn more money for referrals to Favorite of your friends and colleagues! Referral Bonus payments are conditioned on the maintenance of all required credentials and good standing of the employment relationship.


See or website or contact your local branch office for more information about our current referral bonus program(s).



Employees who are occupationally “at-risk” for exposure to blood borne pathogens as a result of their work with Favorite, are provided the opportunity to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine at no charge. Employees should accept the HepB vaccination offer when they complete their employment application.


Information about the benefit and the HepB vaccination series will be sent to interested employees.



Favorite provides employees a smart way to save for retirement with the 401(k) Retirement Plan.


This type of plan offers special tax advantages. It allows employees to designate a portion of their earnings to be invested for retirement through pre-tax payroll deductions (FICA and certain state and local taxes will still apply).


For investment of these funds, there is a variety of mutual funds available, meeting a wide range of retirement planning objectives. Retirement savings can be moved between funds as often as employees like, through use of a touch-tone response system or via a secure Internet access. Statements of investment accounts are mailed to participants regularly.


At the end of each calendar year, the company may decide, at its discretion, to match a percentage of employee contributions. Certain restrictions relating to hours of service and the vesting of matching benefits apply — Details of these and other important plan provisions are described in a document called the Summary Plan Description. The Summary Plan Description and additional information are available at our website or through one of our local branch offices.



By logging into a secure area of our website, employees can review their complete payroll history. All current and year-to-date earnings and withholding amounts are presented. Employees also find details such as the facility, hours worked, and rate of pay and W-2 information at the end of the year.


While logged in, employees may update personal information such as mailing address, direct deposit routing information, tax withholding elections, and more! A link is provided directing 401(k) plan participants to their statements of account maintained by our retirement plan record-keeper.

Policies and General Information-Conditions & Terms of Employment

By reviewing and accepting the electronic Benefits, Terms & Conditions of Employment (or by signing a Certification of Electronic Application paper form) I agree to the terms and conditions of employment at Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. (Favorite). I understand that information about these terms and conditions as well as changes are available at the website or at my local branch office.


I further understand that my application for employment and my acceptance of the terms and conditions of employment do not constitute an employment contract or a guarantee of employment.


STATE OF DELAWARE AGEEMENT The following is applicable to Delaware branch employees.


You authorize a full release for Favorite Healthcare Staffing to obtain information from your current and/or previous employer(s) in the form of a Service Letter, Reference or other related document. You also authorize and give your full release to Favorite Healthcare Staffing to obtain any and all required background checks and associated information including, but not limited to the Child Abuse Registry and Adult Abuse Registry checks. You attest that the information you have given on your application (electronic, paper or any other format) and any associated documents is true and accurate and represents a full and complete disclosure of information about your employment history. You understand that failure to provide a full, timely and complete disclosure is a violation of the law (19 DEL. C. §708) and as such, is subject to civil penalties as determined by the regulation. You understand that any false or misleading representation or omission made on the application or during the hiring process may disqualify you from further consideration of employment and may result in discharge even if discovered at a later date. You agree to the terms and conditions of employment at Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. (“Favorite”). 




If one of our clients offers you a permanent position, you should remind the client that you are employed by Favorite. You are certainly free to work for the employer of your choice; however, Favorite is not a permanent placement agency, and our client has an obligation to compensate us for the expense incurred in recruiting, screening, and placing our employees. Should you choose to work for our client, you can notify us and arrangements can be made for you to work for the client, through us, as our employee, on our payroll, for a 90-day period, at which time we would release you from this agreement. 


In consideration of receiving employment from Favorite, you agree:

1)     To not seek or accept employment from any client of Favorite to whom they have been assigned, for at least 90 days after the last date of that assignment and upon notification of Favorite;

2)     It is your responsibility to provide Favorite with your available days and hours, on a weekly basis, in order to be scheduled for work. All of your scheduling will be coordinated through Favorite;

3)     That Favorite is a drug-free workplace and acknowledge that working for the company will require submission to drug testing in accordance with federal, state and local laws;

4)     That placement on assignments at certain facilities and/or private homes will require a criminal background investigation.

5)     That the information provided in your application (whether electronic, paper or any other format) and associated releases and documents is true and accurate. You realize that misrepresentation of facts may be cause for rejection of this application or termination of your employment. 

6)     You authorize Favorite to contact all of your previous employers and professional references and authorize/request any of them to furnish a complete history of your services with them, together with information concerning your personal character, habits, ability, disposition, and a statement of the cause of separation.

7)     You hereby release the above parties from any and all liability for damages of whatever nature because of furnishing, receiving or acting upon requested information.

8)     To grant permission to Favorite to provide the information contained herein to their clients, potential clients, or agents for the purpose of seeking assignments. You understand that, if you have not worked for Favorite for over six months that you may be asked to provide additional references, credentials and any other employment information. You understand that completion of this application and the entire application process does not guarantee your hire.

9)     Additional release of personally identifiable information outside of the employment relationship shall be authorized in writing by the employee or will be released as compelled upon subpoena or court order.

10) It is your responsibility to confirm a shift two hours in advance of your scheduled arrival time and that when an assignment is completed, it is your responsibility to contact Favorite to request another assignment. Failure to contact Favorite for reassignment before filing a claim for unemployment insurance benefits may result in the denial of those benefits.

11) That there is no guarantee of work. It is understood that work is assigned on an "as-needed" basis as determined by our clientele, and that your flexibility will enhance the likelihood that you will be offered assignments.

10)That Favorite staff is available to you 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Please keep us informed

     of any changes, you may have with your schedule or availability.





RN - hourly rate of $15.00



LPN - hourly rate of $10.00

CNA - $5/hr. for cancellation or minimum wage for orientation


Employers are not legally obligated to offer cancellation pay. However, it may be paid voluntarily by Favorite in recognition that circumstances sometimes exist when compensation for an involuntary cancellation is fair and appropriate.

Please review the following points to minimize any future misunderstandings.


Cancellation pay will NOT be provided if:


1)     Favorite is able to reach the employee prior to the employee arriving at the assignment.

2)     The employee does not show up for the assignment and obtain a signed timecard indicating the cancellation.

3)     The employee is unwilling to accept an alternate assignment for which she/he is qualified.

4)     The employee has cancelled a shift with less than eight hours notice during the previous four weeks.

5)     Favorite and/or client have NO RECORD of any assignment for the claimed cancelled shift.

6)     The employee has received cancellation pay within the past eight days.  Employees must confirm assignments by calling their branch office prior to leaving for work.

7)     Favorite is unable to reach the employee because of her/his inaccessibility.



Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. (Favorite) follows a standard automatic re-booking policy in an effort to keep our employees working -- even when scheduled shifts are cancelled! Automatic re-booking has proven to be extremely successful in all of our branches. Please read the following information carefully to be sure that you fully understand how automatic re-booking works.


How will automatic re-booking affect you?


If the facility where you are scheduled to work, calls to cancel your shift, we will automatically re-book you at a facility you have previously identified. You WILL NOT BE CALLED for approval of this re-booking change. These are time-sensitive situations. If we wait for employee approvals on re-bookings, many of these shifts will be lost to other agencies. Our goal is to keep our employees working as scheduled and to meet our clients’ staffing needs. With automatic re-booking, everybody wins! 


The automatic re-booking policy makes it imperative to ALWAYS call the office two hours before your scheduled shift begins. At that time, you can check to be sure that no changes have been made to your scheduled shift. Failure to call and confirm your schedule could cause you to report to the wrong facility. If this happens, you will be required to go directly to the correct facility. Not showing up at a facility where you have been re-booked could result in disciplinary action. Remember, this program is being implemented in the interest of keeping all our employees working -- even if scheduled shifts are cancelled.


In order for the automatic re-booking process to work smoothly, we will maintain an ongoing list of facilities where you have been scheduled. In the event that your scheduled shift is cancelled, we will check the list of facilities for an open shift where you can be re-booked. It is imperative that the branch be notified immediately if you do not wish to be scheduled for future assignments at a particular facility. However, you will continue to be expected to complete any initially assigned schedules at specific facilities -- even if you do not wish to be assigned there again. Simply complete the scheduled assignment, and request not to be reassigned to that facility again by notifying the branch office. Otherwise, you will be re-booked at any facility where you have been previously agreed to be booked. 


Please be aware that automatic re-booking is a standard procedure and will become effective at the time you are hired and by accepting the Benefits, Terms & Conditions of Employment you are agreeing to abide by this policy.


Please feel free to call and discuss this procedure with the branch office personnel.




It is the policy of Favorite to create a work environment free of discrimination in which applicants and employees can enjoy equal opportunity in all aspects of their employment. Favorite does not discriminate against an employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, marital status, disability status, veteran status or any other classification protected by applicable discrimination laws. Please contact the corporate Human Resources department for related questions.


Favorite policy provides that:

1)     In establishing qualifications for employment, no provision, requirement, or test will be adopted that would be discriminatory on the basis of any classification listed above, except where a bona fide occupational qualification exists.

2)     No questions in any examination, application for, or other personnel proceeding will be worded to elicit information concerning protected characteristics from an applicant, eligible candidate, or employee.

3)     No appointment to or removal from a position will be effected in any manner by the person’s protected characteristics.

4)     Favorite recognizes the value of and accepts responsibility for providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities.

5)     No retaliation will be directed towards any individual who files a complaint of discrimination in accordance with company policy or applicable law.

6)     Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. has instituted a diversity initiative statement and affirmative action program as related to Equal Employment Opportunity compliance.

7)     The Director of Human Resources has been designated Equal Employment Opportunity Officer of the company.  The Human Resources Department is responsible for monitoring the company’s equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs and providing equal employment opportunity training.  Individual managers and branch directors are responsible for ensuring that their employment practices comply with company policy and applicable state and federal law.




Harassment, including sexual harassment, is contrary to basic standards of conduct between individuals and is prohibited by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state regulations. Any employee who engages in any of the acts or behavior defined below violates company policy, and such misconduct will subject an employee to corrective action up to and including immediate termination.


Employees who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of sex, sexually, or in any other manner harassed, should immediately report such incidents, following the procedure described below, without fear of reprisal. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent permitted by the circumstances.


Harassment is verbal or physical conduct designed to threaten, intimidate, or coerce and it includes verbal taunting (including racial and ethnic slurs) and other hostile acts.


Sexual Harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, when such conduct:

1)     Is made explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of employment, or

2)     Is used as a basis for an employment decision, or

3)     Unreasonably interferes with an employee’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or otherwise offensive environment.


Sexual harassment does not refer to behavior or occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature.  It refers to behavior that is unwelcome, that is offensive, and that lowers morale and therefore interferes with work effectiveness.

Sexual or other forms of harassment of an employee by any company employee, supervisor, or manager will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment by a non-employee, for example, a customer, vendor, or supplier, is also prohibited.


Complaints of harassment of any type should be immediately reported to the Manager/Director of Human Resources at the corporate office or a senior manager (President/Vice President/Regional Director). The toll-free phone number is 800-676-3456.




Employees of Favorite are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. "Professionalism" refers to dependability and reliability in arriving for assignments on time and in appropriate attire. It also refers to providing quality services consistent with the job description for the position for which you are assigned, and in accordance with the policies and protocol of client facilities as well as those of Favorite. Favorite employees recognize that the role of agency employees is to provide competent, skilled support to the client. Every effort must be made to meet the needs of the client.


Unacceptable conduct will result in disciplinary action including and up to termination of employment. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:


1)     "NO SHOW" for a previously accepted assignment.

2)     Performance on assignment, which results in client complaints.

3)     Chronic tardiness.

4)     Inordinate number of cancellations or late cancels.

5)     Non-compliance with Favorite's Substance Abuse Policy.

6)     Theft.

7)     Insubordination. (Refusal or failure to follow instructions/direction by supervisory or management personnel.)

8)     Sleeping while on assignment.

9)     Failure to provide required documentation for complete personnel.

10) Falsification of records.

11) Failure to follow Occupational Health & Safety Standards including Universal Precautions.

12) Unprofessional behavior including privacy or security violations.

13) Inclusion on the OIG, GSA, or Terrorist databases.

14) Abuse of computer, internet, e-mail, or phone privileges.




As an employee of Favorite, you are required to abide by all assigned facility, company, local, state, and federal regulations concerning the confidentiality of records. You are also required to abide by the federal HIPAA, ARRA, and HITECH (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) regulations concerning the confidentiality and security of individually identifiable health information. Compliance with this policy is required as a condition of employment. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


It is the policy of Favorite Healthcare Staffing to closely guard and protect confidential information to assure the dignity and the privacy of any and all patients and employees with whom Favorite Healthcare Staffing employees may have contact.


Confidential information includes all patient-related information and employee information including personally identifiable, medical, financial or employment related information.


As an employee of Favorite Healthcare Staffing, you understand that:


1.       You may have access to confidential information including patient, employee, financial and operations (written and computerized) in different facilities and that you are to safeguard this information.

2.       In those cases where you are provided protected information, you will ensure that both the data and the physical medium (paper report, diskette and/or tape) is maintained in a secure work location and will not be removed, duplicated, or copied.

3.       If you are assigned a computer code in a facility, you will be responsible for preventing unauthorized disclosure of information through misuse of my user code. You recognize that your user code is the equivalent of your signature and must remain under your control at all times.

4.       You are to follow all facility policies, state, and federal regulations regarding confidentiality of patient and employee information (including federal HIPAA, ARRA, and HITECH regulations).



Favorite encourages the resolution of employee grievances at the branch level. If, however, an individual is unsatisfied with the response of the branch to their concern, the concern should be put in writing and mailed to the Director/Manager of Human Resources at our corporate office. Please see our website for the address.



Acceptance of the Benefits, Terms, & Conditions of Employment serves as agreement to the following policy statement:

You understand that Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. will obtain investigative information about you, including verification of social security number, education, references, and any existing criminal records. Additional information about past residence addresses and previous convictions will be required for this investigation. You understand that Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. will rely on this information in determining whether to extend an offer of employment to you. If the results of this information disqualify you from employment with Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc., you may be provided a copy of the report and a summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, upon your request with possible fees (copying/mailing). Furthermore, you understand that falsification of information you provide on this form may make you ineligible for hire or subject to disciplinary action.


Additionally Favorite Healthcare Staffing has been certified by the Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board for access to conviction and pending criminal case data for those applicable employees. As an applicant/employee for Favorite, you understand that a criminal record check will be conducted for conviction and pending criminal case information only and that it will not necessarily disqualify you.  



The consequences of criminal behavior have had a profound negative impact on our society, especially on its most vulnerable members. As a provider of health care services, Favorite recognizes the need to take steps to protect the well-being of our clients and the general public. Accordingly, Favorite will comply with all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to employee criminal background investigations and will work proactively with its clients to secure patient safety.


To ensure the company meets its legal and moral obligations, the following Criminal Background Investigations program and policy have been implemented. Read the contents of this policy carefully as you will be held responsible for understanding and complying with it. Compliance with this policy is required as a condition of employment.


1.0              Objectives

1.1              To meet federal, state, and local laws regarding employee criminal background investigation and to meet client policies and standards.

1.2              To ensure the highest levels of patient care and safety.

1.3              To reduce the incidence of criminal activity in the work place.

1.4              To ensure that all employees understand their rights and responsibilities as they relate to the compliance with and enforcement of this policy.


2.0              Covered Employees

The Criminal Background Investigation policy applies to all employees of Favorite who provide temporary services to the organization's clientele.


3.0              Scope Of Inquiries

Favorite's Equal Employment Opportunity policy will be followed with respect to the acquisition and use of all criminal history information. The type and scope of the criminal background investigation will vary according to law and client requirements. Possible inquiries may include, but are not limited to conviction, probation, and deferred adjudication records. Generally, arrest records will not be reviewed or used as the basis of employment decisions unless required or allowed by law.


4.0              Notification
Most state, local municipalities and clients that are serviced by our organization do require a criminal background investigation as a condition of employment. Favorite will inform each employee of the need to complete a criminal background investigation. The employee will be requested to furnish the necessary information to conduct the background investigation and will be required to agree to this policy statement and may be required to sign any additional consent forms that would allow the appropriate agencies or service bureaus to obtain and release their criminal history information. For current employees, a periodic update of criminal history records will be conducted when required by law.


5.0              Confidentiality

All records obtained in the criminal background investigations will be treated as confidential information and may be shared with clients prior to staffing the employee at their facilities. When required by law, the employee may be provided with a copy of his or her investigation report.


6.0              Cost

Favorite will generally bear the cost of the criminal background investigation if it is required for employment. Some laws provide the employee with an appeal procedure should the results of their background investigation disqualify them from employment. Employees who utilize these appeal processes may be required to pay the associated fees.


7.0              Ineligibility For Employment

7.1              In accordance with applicable law and the individual employment policies of our clientele, employees with a history of certain criminal offenses may be ineligible for employment with Favorite. Where appropriate, the following factors will be given consideration:


7.1.1       The nature and severity of the criminal act(s)

7.1.2       The frequency of criminal acts

7.1.3       The job-relatedness of the violations

7.1.4       The nature of the job

7.1.5       The time elapsed since the last conviction

7.1.6       Evidence of rehabilitation

7.1.7       The individual's job qualifications

7.1.8       Other relevant factors


7.2              Employees will be given the opportunity to explain any inaccuracies in their criminal background history if it contains information that would make them ineligible for employment. Any employee who believes that they have been denied employment unfairly may utilize the company's Grievance Procedure.


8.0              Consequences of Non-Compliance
Employees who falsify their criminal history information or fail to comply with any part of this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including termination/disqualification.


9.0              OIG/GSA

OIG (Office of Inspector General) and GSA (General Services Administration) checks will be periodically run on each new hire and employee. Adverse findings may be viewed as a disqualifier or termination from employment.

10.0          Acknowledgement And Consent

By accepting these Benefits, Terms & Conditions of Employment and/or signing additional authorizations employees give their consent for Favorite to conduct a criminal background investigation on their behalf and to share the results of the investigation with client facilities where they may be assigned. The employee authorizes the appropriate individuals, companies, institution, or agencies to release information regarding their criminal history to Favorite.




Substance abuse in our society poses a threat of danger to us all. Favorite accepts its responsibility to all of its employees to provide a safe work environment. Favorite also recognizes its responsibility to its clients and to the general public to ensure that their safety and trust in our organization is protected. In accordance with this, and in compliance with the federal Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988, Favorite is committed to maintaining a Drug Free Work Place. By accepting these Benefits, Terms & Conditions of Employment and/or signing additional authorizations employees give their consent for Favorite to conduct drug screens.


To ensure that the company meets its legal and ethical requirements, the following Substance Abuse policy has been implemented. Employees should read the contents of this policy carefully as they will be held responsible for understanding and complying with it. This policy explains your rights and responsibilities as they relate to Favorite' Drug Free Workplace and Drug and Alcohol Testing programs. Compliance with this policy is required as a condition of employment.


1.0              Covered Employees


This policy applies to employees and prospective employees of Favorite who provide or will provide temporary services to the organization's clientele. These employees include, but are not limited to Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical, or Vocational Nurses, Certified Nurse's Assistants, Home Health Aides, as well as ancillary/allied service personnel.


2.0              Policy


2.1              Favorite prohibits the use, possession, transfer, diversion, or sale of alcohol and/or illegal drugs or prescription drugs obtained illegally while working, or on any premises owned or operated by the company and its clients. It also prohibits reporting for work on behalf of Favorite under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs.


2.2              Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. "Illegal Drugs" means illicit drugs and controlled substances, and includes prescription medications, which contain a controlled substance and are used for a purpose for which they were not prescribed or intended.


3.0              Consequences Of Non-Compliance


Employees who are found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions including possible termination. Disciplinary actions may also include, but will not be limited to formal reprimand, suspension without pay, or other actions as required by state and local regulatory authorities.


4.0              Drug/Alcohol Testing


4.1              Pre-Employment Drug Testing
Favorite requires successful pre-employment drug testing as a condition of employment for all temporary employees. Once directed by branch office personnel, the new employee has forty-eight (48) hours to report for testing at the approved site. Employees not meeting this requirement will be disqualified from employment for the interim and can reapply after six (6) months. Furthermore, many of our clients require pre-employment drug testing of all temporary employees placed on assignment at their facilities. Therefore, when stipulated by service contract or agreement, and/or in accordance with state law, Favorite will require its employees to comply with the client's policies and procedures in order to be eligible for work assignments with that particular client.


4.2              Reasonable Suspicion And Post Accident/Injury Testing
An employee will be requested or required to undergo a drug and/or alcohol test if there is a reasonable suspicion that the employee: (1) is under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs; (2) has violated the policy statement above, or Favorite Drug-Free Work Place policy; (3) has caused himself/herself or another person to sustain a personal injury, or (4) has caused a work-related accident.


4.3              Right to Refuse To Undergo Drug and Alcohol Testing and the Effect Thereof
Any employee has the right to refuse to undergo drug and/or alcohol testing. An employee who refuses to be tested or whose behavior prevents meaningful completion of drug and/or alcohol testing will be subject to termination or other disciplinary action in conformity with company policy. Refusal to submit to a post-accident/injury test may also affect the employee’s ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits.



4.4              Rights in Care of A Negative Dilute


If a test result comes back as a negative dilute, the applicant or employee will be requested to undergo an additional drug screen. If the second drug screen comes back as a negative or negative dilute then the drug screen is considered negative.


4.5              Rights In Case Of A Positive Test


4.5.1       Medical Review (MRO) - If the test is positive, the applicant or employee will be notified of the test results by a MRO and will be allowed to submit information to explain the positive test result. The MRO will either confirm the positive result or determine that the test result is negative. The applicant or employee must communicate with the MRO within in the defined time period as set by the MRO. Non-communication may result in upholding the positive result.

4.5.2       Second Confirmatory Test - If the employee is not satisfied with the positive test result he or she may, at his or her own expense, request a second confirmatory retest of the original sample, conducted either by the original testing laboratory or by another licensed laboratory.


4.6              Consequences Of A Positive Test Result


4.6.1       If an applicant has a positive confirmatory test on a pre-employment test, any conditional job offer will be withdrawn immediately and the applicant will be ineligible for employment with Favorite until they satisfy a two-year waiting period.

4.6.2       A positive confirmatory post accident/injury test may affect the employee’s eligibility to receive workers’ compensation benefits (see also Worker’s Compensation section).


4.7              Confidentiality

The fact that an employee has been requested to or required to take a drug and/or alcohol test, the results of the test, and information acquired in the alcohol and/or illegal drug testing process shall be treated in a manner consistent with the company's treatment of other private and confidential information concerning employees. Voluntary disclosure by an employee of the excessive use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs before being confronted, tested, or otherwise involved in drug and/or alcohol-related discipline or proceedings will also be treated in a manner consistent with the company's treatment of other private and confidential information concerning employees.




Unsafe work conditions or practices create loss or risk of loss to both the company and its employees. Favorite has established the following safety rules to minimize loss and establish minimum guidelines for working safely. It is each employee’s responsibility to apply these and all accepted standards of loss control, as well as follow all assigned client facility policies.


  1. Whenever an employee is involved in an accident of any kind that results in personal injury or property damage, no matter how small, the accident must be reported within 24 hours of when it occurred. The employee’s ability to claim workers’ compensation benefits may be affected if a work-related injury is not reported timely.
  2. An employee must immediately report a condition or practice they believe may cause injury or property damage.
  3. Favorite is certified by the Joint Commission. Joint Commission’s standards relate to quality and safety of care issues. Anyone believing that he/she has pertinent and valid information about such matters should report these to the management of Favorite Healthcare Staffing. If the concerns cannot be resolved through Favorite, the individual is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission directly by fax at 630-792-5639 or via their web site at
  4. Equipment that is not in safe condition should not be operated.
  5. Employees must obey all company rules, federal, state, and local governmental regulations, signs, markings, instructions and assigned client policies and procedures.
  6. When lifting, employees should use the approved lifting technique, i.e., bend knees, grasp the load firmly, raise load by keeping back as straight as possible. Employees should seek assistance for heavy loads, using gait belts and 2-person assistance when required by assigned client facility.
  7. Employees should act professionally and courteously at all times.
  8. Employees should use the right tools and equipment for the job. Tools and equipment should be used safely and only when authorized.
  9. Each person is responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly work area as applicable at their assigned client facilities.  
  10. Employees should be familiar with their environment and know where all exits are located. Escape routes should be planned in advance in case of an emergency while following all assigned client facility policies.
  11. The use of drugs or intoxicating beverages is strictly prohibited. (Also, see Substance Abuse Policy).
  12. Avoid extended or unusual work shifts that could result in work schedule effects.

These effects may lead to an increased risk of errors, injuries, and/or accidents. Therefore, Favorite suggests that employees work no more than 16 hours a day or 60 hours a week when applicable to the job assignment. 




Floating has become a way of life for all Healthcare Professionals, not just agency Healthcare Professionals. We believe that our Healthcare Professionals are best equipped for this new challenge and opportunity. As an agency employee, you already go to different units and hospitals on a regular basis. You have the skill set to adjust quickly to new people, new environments and learn your way around so you are truly effective. The more flexible you are, the more assignments you receive.


As a Favorite Healthcare Professional on assignment, you can expect to be floated to like areas based on your work experience while on assignment at a client facility. However, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly or if you are put in an unsafe situation or one you are not qualified for, please contact your local branch office.


In an effort to help make floating easier, we wanted to give you the following tips:


·         Before you begin your assignment or shift, find out which units you may be asked to float to, whether or not there is a specific rotation for floating Healthcare Professionals, and under which circumstances you can refuse. Floating should be limited to like areas or units for which you are qualified.

·         Know who your resource person is on the unit you float to. Introduce yourself and ask questions.

·         Be helpful to Healthcare Professionals floating to your unit. This will assist them in adjusting to the routine.

·         Give the best care you can. Treat patients and their families as you would like to be treated.

·         Remember patient care and safety always comes first.

·         Be a valuable resource to the client by being flexible and taking your turn to float.


Favorite wants you to be a valuable resource to the clients and patients you serve. You make Favorite a great company and we appreciate your hard work and dedication.




Orientation may be required at specific client facilities. Orientations are scheduled by clients and are designed to acquaint you with our clients as well as provide you with vital information and a sense of security when you accept your first assignment with the client. Favorite pays a flat rate for orientation for each employee classification. Those rates are RNs-$15, LPNs-$10, CNAs-minimum wage.


We recommend that you select two or three facilities to which you would like to be assigned. This will allow you to work for your favorite client as well as float among the others. If there is no need for you at your preferred facility, you can usually have adequate hours by working assignments elsewhere.


To attend orientation sessions, you must be scheduled through Favorite. You should show up with full uniform (including name badge) and appear neat and clean as if you were going to work. Jeans and casual wear are not acceptable. Orientations usually include a tour of the facility, this it is important that you look and act professional. Always carry your required licensure (or other documentation if your state does not issue paper licenses and if your assigned client requires) and CPR card to all assignments, including orientation. Also, do not forget to bring an assignment record with you to the orientation session. Complete the assignment record and have the in-service instructor sign the appropriate column to verify the orientation hours in order to receive pay.


Please review policies regarding processing and payment for orientation shifts with your local branch representative.


If there is not a formal orientation:  When arriving in a facility for the first time, be sure you ask someone for an explanation of fire, code, and disaster procedures and the location of emergency equipment, as well as other facility procedures. When returning to a facility, arrive early to allow time to briefly refresh your memory before proceeding with your shift. Do not be satisfied with a vague wave towards the manuals; in an emergency, you will not have time to read them.




Your job performance will be periodically evaluated. Performance is evaluated on the basis of the following: reliability, cooperation, attendance, skilled proficiency, clinical competency, job proficiency, appropriate appearance, branch/client relations, and supervisory ability (when applicable). Evaluations take the form of client feedback (annual) and branch personnel feedback (biennial).


Because Favorite relies on the direct supervision of the employee by our client facilities, all issues/complaints regarding an employee’s job performance should be documented by the client. The following circumstances will be documented by the appropriate party and filed in the employee’s file (paper and/or electronic):


  1. Infractions of expected professional conduct or dress code.
  2. Employee not reporting for scheduled assignment. (No Show)
  3. Employee tardiness.
  4. Disobedience or insubordination while on assignment.
  5. Violation of Favorite’s Substance Abuse policy.
  6. Theft, gambling, malicious gossip, and derogatory statements about any employee, patient, physician, or facility representative.
  7. Infractions of client policies and practices.
  8. Professional incompetence or violation of the Nursing Practice Act.
  9. Cancellations to accept assignment from another agency, or excessive cancellations.
  10. Demonstration of poor or belligerent attitude, i.e. unprofessional conduct.
  11. Sleeping while on assignment.
  12. Failure to follow Occupational Health & Safety Standards, including Universal Precautions.
  13. Other circumstances as identified by the client or branch personnel.




The weekly payroll period for Favorite begins Saturday at 7:00 a.m. and ends with the 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift on Friday night. A different assignment record is to be used for each facility in which you worked during a pay period (Saturday through Friday). 


Make sure that the assignment record is signed on a shift by-shift basis in the appropriate space (initials are not acceptable). Additional assignment records are available on our website. 


We have designed a payroll system, which allows our employees to fax their time cards (now called assignment records), directly to a toll-free number, 1-866-FAV-PAYS (1-866-328-7297). Confirm that your fax has been received by calling 1-877-215-7999. This system ensures accuracy and timeliness -- no more postal delays! Although you fax the assignment record as you would any other fax, Favorite does not receive the information in the form of a paper fax. Rather, the data is electronically read and matched against our scheduling system. For comparison to our scheduling system, all variances are held for review. Therefore, it is extremely important to complete your assignment record accurately.


Some client facilities utilize the Employee Assignment Record as a sign-in sheet. If the facility where you work does so, make certain to complete the appropriate line of the sign-in sheet and specify all of the requested information for each shift. You will be compensated according to the competency level for which you are screened and the area and client to which you are assigned. Any qualified employee is eligible to earn the highest respective rate. A pay rate sheet is available at the branch office for your review.


You can view your payroll information by logging onto our website with your user name and password. This allows you to view all the information found on your paycheck stub, including the facility and shifts you worked, current and year to-date withholding and wages, and your Favorite Rewards point balance. You can also confirm direct deposit routing information and update your address or federal withholding elections. In addition, you will find a link to the website of our retirement plan record-keeper, where you can monitor your 401(k) account.




If you are expected to stay beyond the regularly scheduled shift to complete an assignment, overtime pay will be due for work over 40 hours in one week. Whether overtime pay will be due for staying beyond an 8-hour shift depends upon your respective state law. We will not schedule you for more than 40 hours per week unless prior approval from the facility is affirmed. In each case, the client must be willing to be billed for the overtime. Your assignment record must be initialed where overtime is approved. A normal weekly work schedule is from Saturday (7 am - 3 pm shift) through Friday (11 pm – 7 am shift). However, your workweek for the purpose of computing overtime pay may be modified by written agreement. Holiday pay in various parts of the nation and at various client facilities differs. Please verify with your local branch.




Your paycheck stubs are mailed directly to the address provided by you on the W-4 form. If you move or want your check stubs mailed to a different address, you must notify the Favorite branch of the new address and/or telephone number. If you marry and/or change your name, you must also notify us of the change. Also, please submit an updated W-4 and copies of all name changes on credentials (e.g. license/certification, social security card, driver’s license).


Address updates are also important for proper mailing of your end of year W-2s (also available on Favorite’s web site after logging in).


Remember: It is your responsibility to keep the local office informed of any name, address, e-mail or telephone number changes. For your convenience, you may make updates on our website by logging in with your user name and password. 


Local regulations may require that specific taxes be deducted based on where an employee lives and/or works. You are required to make a declaration of your tax residency at our website and to keep this information updated.




When you complete the interview process, you will receive a Favorite name badge. As proper identification, Favorite employees should wear this name badge while working. Other client personnel working with you must be able to identify you according to name, class, and employer. (Some clients issue agency employees a generic name badge. Check with your local branch regarding specific client requirements.) Should you lose or damage your name badge, please call your branch office for a replacement.




All employees of Favorite are expected to maintain a professional appearance. The requirements of appropriate dress may change from client to client and all employees are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the dress codes of the client to which they have been assigned. In the absence of a client dress code, Favorite requires that you follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a high level of personal cleanliness, keeping hair, fingernails, etc. neat and clean.
  • Perfumes, colognes, and aftershaves can trigger allergic reactions in patients and co-workers. Please be prudent in your use of these.
  • Scrubs and uniforms should be neat, clean, and in good repair. All clothing worn should be consistent with your identity as a member of the medical profession and in keeping with assigned client requirements.
  • Wear name badges as noted in section above.
  • Jewelry should of a type that will not interfere with your work, potentially cause injury to patients, or be easily grasped or snagged. A watch with a second hand is required.
  • Artificial nails are prohibited.




You are expected to provide your own transportation. Transportation conflicts will not be an acceptable reason for canceling. If you rely on public transportation, take whatever measures necessary to ensure early arrival. If you have accepted an assignment, you are responsible to get there.




Our National Operations Center is staffed with highly trained professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not use pagers or voice mail during “off hours.” The National Operations Center staffs and schedules for the branches when they close for the day/weekend/holiday.


We work hard to meet your employment needs. Each branch location is assigned a primary coordinator familiar with the needs of that location. We use the most advanced computerized scheduling system to match your availability, by competencies and experience, with client needs. Our National Operations Center is like having the branch office open 24 hours a day. You can take care of your schedule at any hour of the day or night.




Favorite Healthcare Staffing provides you with Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Thus, any injury, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, must be reported to Favorite as soon as possible. In most states, if your injury does not require emergency treatment, Favorite will require you to seek medical attention from a healthcare provider designated by Favorite. Contact your local branch office for more information and details.


If your injury requires emergency treatment, you should seek medical attention from the nearest, most practical source. Follow-up treatment, however, should be obtained from a healthcare provider designated by Favorite. Prior authorization may be required for some procedures. Worker’s Compensation benefits are administered in accordance with each state’s legal requirements.


Favorite will direct you to complete a drug test. It is the policy of Favorite to test all employees providing notice or making a claim, regardless of fault, if they experience an on the job injury. The drug test will be performed within the first 24 hours of the occurrence and failure to submit a drug test within 24 hours will be deemed a refusal. The branch office will facilitate the drug test request, assisting with arrangements for the employee to be driven to the testing site if possible.





Favorite will provide you with professional liability insurance to cover errors, omissions, or incidents while performing duties within the course and scope of your Favorite employment. To preserve this coverage, it is your responsibility to immediately report to Favorite any actual or alleged incident involving patient injury or death. In addition, you must cooperate with all provisions of the applicable medical professional liability insurance policy and that of Favorite’s attorneys. The policy is null and void if the error, omission or incident occurred while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or was performed during the commission of a crime.