Welcome to Favorite Healthcare Staffing (“Favorite”)! We want you to find working with us both enjoyable and financially rewarding. As with any successful relationship, good communications is key. To this end, we hope you will take time to become familiar with the following discussion of the benefits and associated terms and conditions of working for Favorite. Our Mission can be found on our website at

Table of Contents

Benefits and Bonuses

  • CEU Reimbursement
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Referral Bonus
  • Section 125 – Tax Savings Plan
  • Favorite Rewards
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • 401(k) – Retirement Plan
  • Payroll Look-Up on the Web

Policies and General Information

  • Employment Relationship
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Professional Conduct
  • Confidentiality
  • Employee Grievances
  • Criminal Background Investigations Policy
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Safety Rules
  • Floating
  • Orientation
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Payroll Procedures
  • Overtime and Holidays
  • Address Changes
  • Name Tags
  • Dress Code
  • Transportation
  • National Operations Center
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Benefits & Bonuses

This information applies to those employees who provide billable services to clients. Favorite reserves the right to modify and/or eliminate any benefits described. Additional information is available on some of these benefits (e.g., 401(k), health insurance, etc.) on the company’s website, or from any local branch office. It is the responsibility of the employee to request this information and complete all necessary applications for participation. Bonus payments are conditioned on the maintenance of all required credentials and good standing of the employment relationship.


To support our commitment to the ongoing education of our employees, Favorite provides CEU reimbursement. To qualify for this benefit, certain conditions apply. More information is available from our website or a local branch representative.


We highly value the health and well-being of our employees and their families. Therefore, Favorite is delighted to offer health insurance benefits, at a very reasonable cost. See our website or contact your local branch office for more information on current programs.


Earn more money for referrals! Employees will like working for Favorite so much that they will want friends to join our team as well!

See or website or contact your local branch office for more information about our current referral bonus program(s).


The Tax Savings Plan helps employees save money on out–of–pocket child and/or dependent care expenses by utilizing a certain funding arrangement favored by the income tax laws. If an employee incurs expenses because of child or dependent care, they may utilize the Tax Savings Plan for significant savings.

If an employee chooses to enroll, they must complete an enrollment form and mail it to the corporate office not later than 15 days following their first day of employment. Additional information is available at our website or from any branch representative.


Favorite Rewards is an appreciation program designed to reward employees for hard work and dedication. Points are earned for every hour worked, and are redeemable for valuable merchandise on the company website.

The program is completely automated--no record keeping! See our website for complete rules and to browse through all the great merchandise!


Employees who are occupationally “at-risk” for exposure to blood borne pathogens as a result of their work with Favorite, are provided the opportunity to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine at no charge. Employees should accept the HepB vaccination offer when they complete their employment application.

Information about the benefit and the HepB vaccination series will be sent to interested employees.


Favorite provides employees a smart way to save for retirement with the 401(k) Retirement Plan.

This type of plan offers special tax advantages. It allows employees to designate a portion of their earnings to be invested for retirement through pre-tax payroll deductions (FICA and certain state and local taxes will still apply).

For investment of these funds, there are a variety of mutual funds available meeting a wide range of retirement planning objectives. Retirement savings can be moved between funds as often as employees like, through use of a touch-tone response system or via a secure Internet access. Statements of investment accounts are mailed to participants regularly.

At the end of each calendar year, the company may decide, at its discretion, to match a percentage of employee contributions. Certain restrictions relating to hours of service and the vesting of matching benefits apply — Details of these and other important plan provisions are described in a document called the Summary Plan Description. The Summary Plan Description and additional information are available at our website or through one of our local branch offices.


By logging into a secure area of our website, employees can review their complete payroll history. All current and year-to-date earnings and withholding amounts are presented. Employees also find details such as the facility, hours worked, and rate of pay.

While logged in, employees may update personal information such as mailing address, direct deposit routing information, tax withholding elections, and more! A link is provided directing 401(k) plan participants to their statements of account maintained by our retirement plan record-keeper.

Policies and General Information


If one of our clients offers you a permanent position, you should remind the client that you are employed by Favorite. You are certainly free to work for the employer of your choice; however, Favorite is not a permanent placement agency, and our client has an obligation to compensate us for the expense incurred in recruiting, screening and placing our employees. Should you choose to work for our client, you can notify us and arrangements can be made for you to work for the client, through us, as our employee, on our payroll, for a 90-day period, at which time we would release you from this agreement.

In consideration of receiving employment from Favorite, you agree:

  1. To not seek or accept employment from any client of Favorite to whom they have been assigned, for at least 90 days after the last date of that assignment;
  2. It is your responsibility to provide Favorite with your available days and hours, on a weekly basis, in order to be scheduled for work. All of your scheduling will be coordinated through Favorite;
  3. That Favorite is a drug-free workplace and acknowledge that working for the company will require submission to drug testing in accordance with federal, state and local laws;
  4. That placement on assignments at certain facilities and/or private homes will require a criminal background investigation.
  5. That the information provided in your application is complete and true to the best of your knowledge. You realize that misrepresentation of facts may be cause for rejection of this application or termination of your employment. You authorize Favorite to contact all of your previous employers and professional references and request any of them to furnish a complete history of your services with them, together with information concerning your personal character, habits, ability, disposition, and a statement of the cause of separation. You hereby release the above parties from any and all liability for damages of whatever nature because of furnishing, receiving or acting upon requested information.
  6. To grant permission to Favorite to provide the information contained herein to their clients, potential clients, or agents for the purpose of seeking assignments. You understand that, if you have not worked for Favorite for over six months, that you may be asked for additional references and employment information. You understand that completion of this application and the entire application process does not guarantee your hire.
  7. Additional release of personally identifiable information outside of the employment relationship shall be authorized in writing by the employee.
  8. That it is your responsibility to confirm a shift two hours in advance of your scheduled arrival time and that when an assignment is completed, it is your responsibility to contact Favorite to request another assignment. Failure to contact Favorite for reassignment before filing a claim for unemployment insurance benefits may result in the denial of those benefits.
  9. That there is no guarantee of work. It is understood that work is assigned on an "as-needed" basis as determined by our clientele, and that your flexibility will enhance the likelihood that you will be offered assignments.
  10. Favorite staff is available to you 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Please keep us informed of any changes you may have with your schedule or availability.



RN - hourly rate of $15.00



LPN - hourly rate of $10.00

CNA - $5/hr. for cancellation or minimum wage for orientation

Employers are not legally obligated to offer cancellation pay. However, it may be paid voluntarily by Favorite in recognition that circumstances sometimes exist when compensation for an involuntary cancellation is fair and appropriate.

Please review the following points to minimize any future misunderstandings.

Cancellation pay will NOT be provided if:

  1. Favorite is able to reach the employee prior to the employee arriving at the assignment.
  2. The employee does not show up for the assignment and obtain a signed timecard indicating the cancellation.
  3. The employee is unwilling to accept an alternate assignment for which she/he is qualified.
  4. The employee has cancelled a shift with less than eight hours notice during the previous four weeks.
  5. Favorite and/or client have NO RECORD of any assignment for the claimed cancelled shift.
  6. The employee has received cancellation pay within the past eight days. Employees must confirm assignments by calling their branch office prior to leaving for work.
  7. Favorite is unable to reach the employee because of her/his inaccessibility.


It is the policy of Favorite to create a work environment free of discrimination in which applicants and employees can enjoy equal opportunity in all aspects of their employment.  Favorite does not discriminate against an employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, marital status, disability status, or any other classification protected by applicable discrimination laws.

Favorite policy provides that:

  1. In establishing qualifications for employment, no provision, requirement, or test will be adopted that would be discriminatory on the basis of any classification listed above, except where a bona fide occupational qualification exists.
  2. No questions in any examination, application for, or other personnel proceeding will be worded to elicit information concerning protected characteristics from an applicant, eligible candidate, or employee.
  3. No appointment to or removal from a position will be effected in any manner by the person’s protected characteristics.
  4. Favorite recognizes the value of and accepts responsibility for providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities.
  5. No retaliation will be directed towards any individual who files a complaint of discrimination in accordance with company policy or applicable law.
  6. The Director of Human Resources has been designated Equal Employment Opportunity Officer of the company.  The Human Resources Department is responsible for monitoring the company’s equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs and providing equal employment opportunity training.  Individual managers and branch directors are responsible for ensuring that their employment practices comply with company policy and applicable state and federal law.


Harassment, including sexual harassment, is contrary to basic standards of conduct between individuals and is prohibited by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state regulations.  Any employee who engages in any of the acts or behavior defined below violates company policy, and such misconduct will subject an employee to corrective action up to and including immediate termination.

Employees who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of sex, sexually, or in any other manner harassed, should immediately report such incidents, following the procedure described below, without fear of reprisal.  Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent permitted by the circumstances.

Harassment is verbal or physical conduct designed to threaten, intimidate or coerce and it includes verbal taunting (including racial and ethnic slurs) and other hostile acts.

Sexual Harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, when such conduct:

  1. Is made explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of employment, or
  2. Is used as a basis for an employment decision, or
  3. Unreasonably interferes with an employee’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or otherwise offensive environment.

Sexual harassment does not refer to behavior or occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature.  It refers to behavior that is unwelcome, that is offensive, and that lowers morale and therefore interferes with work effectiveness.

Sexual or other forms of harassment of an employee by any company employee, supervisor, or manager will not be tolerated.  Sexual harassment by a non-employee, for example, a customer, vendor, or supplier, is also prohibited.

Complaints of harassment of any type should be immediately reported to the Director of Human Resources at the corporate office or a senior manager (Vice President/Regional Director).  The toll-free phone number is 800-676-3456.


Employees of Favorite are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. "Professionalism" refers to dependability and reliability in arriving for assignments on time and in appropriate attire. It also refers to providing quality services consistent with the job description for the position for which you are assigned, and in accordance with the policies and protocol of client facilities as well as those of Favorite. Favorite employees recognize that the role of agency employees is to provide competent, skilled support to the client. Every effort must be made to meet the needs of the client.

Unacceptable conduct will result in disciplinary action including and up to termination of employment. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. "NO SHOW" for a previously accepted assignment.
  2. Performance on assignment, which results in client complaints.
  3. Chronic tardiness.
  4. Inordinate number of cancellations or late cancels.
  5. Non-compliance with Favorite's Substance Abuse Policy.
  6. Theft.
  7. Insubordination. (Refusal or failure to follow instructions/direction by supervisory or management personnel.)
  8. Sleeping while on assignment.
  9. Failure to provide required documentation for complete personnel.
  10. Falsification of records.
  11. Failure to follow Occupational Health & Safety Standards including Universal Precautions.
  12. Unprofessional behavior.
  13. Inclusion on the OIG, GSA, or Terrorist databases.
  14. Abuse of computer, internet, e-mail, or phone privileges.


As an employee of Favorite, you are required to abide by all assigned facility, company, local, state and federal regulations concerning the confidentiality of records.  You are also required to abide by the federal HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations concerning the confidentiality and security of individually identifiable health information. Compliance with this policy is required as a condition of employment.  Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Favorite encourages the resolution of employee grievances at the branch level. If, however, an individual is unsatisfied with the response of the branch to their concern, the concern should be put in writing and mailed to the Director of Human Resources at our corporate office. Please see our website for the address.


Favorite ensures patient safety and compliance with legal and client requirements and to safeguard the organization’s financial integrity. Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc. relies upon the accuracy of information in the employment application, as well as accuracy of other data presented throughout the hiring process and during employment. Favorite will perform pre-employment criminal background screening on applicants/contingently-hired employees.

Applicant/Contingently-hired Employees:

Upon receiving an offer, an employee is required to complete an Employment Screening Release to begin the employment screening process. Refusal to submit to testing disqualifies the applicant/contingently-hired employee from hiring/continued employment. New employees will be placed on payroll as a hire/contingently hire and results “fail, pass, provisional” status will be placed in the employee’s profile.

Explanation of criminal background –Applicants will be given the opportunity to explain any inaccuracies in their criminal background history if it contains information that would make them ineligible for employment. Failure to disclose criminal background history on his/her application will result is termination for falsifying company documents.

The Branch Management and Corporate Human Resources will advise applicants/contingently-hired employees of the fact that there will be a Criminal Background Screening completed for employment and/or that employment in the position will be contingent upon receiving a “pass” report. Failure to provide this notice will not, however, preclude screening of any such applicant/contingently hired employee if advance notice is provide to such applicant/contingently-hired in some other manner.

In accordance with applicable law, applicant/contingently-hired employees with a history of certain criminal offenses may be disqualified from employment with Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc..

Where appropriate, the following factors will be given consideration:

  • The nature and severity of the criminal act(s)
  • The frequency of criminal acts
  • The nature of the job and the job-relatedness of the violations
  • Evidence of rehabilitation
  • The individual’s job qualifications
  • Other relevant factors (e.g. legal requirements)
  • Review over a seven year time frame.

The Company will not discriminate against applicant/contingently-hired employees for employment because of past criminal history.

Criminal Background Screening – Favorite will require all applicant/contingently-hired employees to furnish the necessary information for the criminal background screening and sign the Employment Screening Release.

Statement of testing Process – This document serves as your statement that is made available to the new hire, outlining the criminal background screening process, the process to appeal, and the new hires right to consult with the company vendor.

Employer’s prescreening program posted – The branch and corporate locations will be required to post company program, and make the policy available for employees and job applicants during regular business hours.

OIG / AIG – Once the applicant/contingently-hired employee has completed his/her profile, the OIG / AIG will be ran automatically and scanned in the employee profile. For corporate and other applicant/contingently-hired employees the OIG/AIG will be requested by the human resource department.

Scoring of Applicant/contingently-hired employee – The vendor will score the criminal background request using the 7 year guideline established by Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc.. All background reports will be communicated, as “pass,” “fail,” and “provisional.”

Pending Convictions – The vendor will notify the branch and human resources that the applicant/contingently-hired employee has a pending conviction and will result in placing the applicant on a “provisional” status pending the outcome. Once a disposition has been made the employee will either be coded as “pass” or “fail.”

Turn Around Times – Results will be received within 24 to 72 hours from time request is entered. The vendor will gather the report as required in compliance with all necessary laws.

Detailed Reporting – The vendor will assist with providing detailed reporting when client/state or contract required full detail.

Applicant/contingently-hired notification – The vendor will notify the applicant when a “fail” report is received.

Contesting/Explanation of “fail” results – Once the applicant has received written notified of a “failed” result, the applicant will have 5 working days from notification to contest.

Provisional – A report indicating the applicant/contingently-hired employee has an incident that has been resolved, and is hire-able. Vendor will run annual background check to confirm no further incidents.


Employees have a right to work in a drug-free environment and to work with persons free from the effects of illegal drugs. Employees who abuse drugs are a danger to themselves, co-workers, the public, our client and our assets. The Federal Government has recognized the adverse impact of substance abuse by employees. Favorite Healthcare Staffing is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace as required by “The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988” and similar state programs.

Favorite maintains a strong commitment to its employees to provide a safe workplace and to establish programs promoting high standards of safety and health. Favorite will perform pre-employment drug testing on applicants/contingently-hired employees.

Applicant/Contingently-hired Employees:

Upon receiving an offer, an employee is required to complete an Employment Screening Release to begin the employment screening process. Refusal to submit to testing disqualifies the applicant/contingently-hired employee from hiring/continued employment. New employees will only be placed on the payroll once the drug test results are in a “negative” status.

The employee will not begin work until the results of the test are reviews and confirmed by the Medical Review Officer (MRO). If the MRO reports a “negative” test report status, the employee may begin working. If a “positive” test report, the applicant/contingently-hired employee will have 72 hours to speak with the MRO and provide requested documentation. The applicant/contingent hire will have 3 days to provide a script to the MRO. After 3 days, the applicant/contingent hire will be suspended and have one week to provide the script to the MRO. Failure to speak and/or provide the script to the MRO will result in the “positive” test to remain and disqualify the applicant/contingently-hired employee from employment.

Second Confirmatory Test – If the applicant/contingently-hired employee is not satisfied with the positive test result he or she may, at his/her own expense, request a second confirmatory rests of the original sample, conducted either by the original testing laboratory or by another licensed laboratory. The applicant will make his/her request to the Human Resource Department, within 5 days of receiving a “positive” test result.

The Branch Management or Corporate Human Resources Department will advise applicants/contingently-hired employees of the fact that they will be tested for drug use prior to employment and/or that employment in the position will be contingent upon receiving a “negative” test report. Failure to provide this notice will not, however, preclude testing of any such applicant/contingently hired employee if advance notice is provide to such applicant/contingently-hired in some other manner.

An applicant/contingently-hired employee who has been disqualified for employment due to positive pre-employment drug test may be eligible to reapply for employment two (2) years following the date of the positive test result.

Types of drug test – Favorite requires drug testing for pre-employment, reactivation, and reasonable suspicion.

Contesting/Explanation of “positive” results – Once the applicant/contingently-hired has received written notified of a “positive” result, they will have 5 working days from notification to contest. The applicant/contingently-hired employee will be required to contact the human resource department to contest.

Statement of testing Process – A statement is provided to the new hire, outlining the drugs for which the employer will test, the process to appeal, and the new hires right to consult with a medical review officer.

Employer’s drug-testing program posted – The branch and corporate locations will be required to post company program, and make the policy available for employees and job applicants during regular business hours.

Test Results – The branch and corporate locations will be notified “negative,” “positive,” and “negative dilute.”

Detailed Reporting – Corporate Human Resource Department will assist with providing detailed reporting when client/state or contract required full detail.

Reporting to the testing site – Applicant/contingently hired will have 72 hours to report to a testing site to conduct the drug test. Failure to report in the above time frame will disqualify the applicant/contingently hire from employment.

Reporting for testing – The applicant/contingently-hired employee will have 24 hours from notification to report for testing. Applicant/contingently-hired employee failing to report to the testing site will be disqualified from hire.

Verification of Applicant/contingently-hired employee – The testing site will require picture identification, and will request an active phone number to contact with questions.

Gathering Sample – The testing site will gather the sample as required in compliance with all necessary laws.

Shy Bladder – The testing site will allow an applicant/contingently-hired employee to provide a sample over a 3 hour period, allowing the applicant to drink water and soda. Failing to provide a sample during this time frame will disqualify the applicant from hire.

Reservation of Rights - Favorite reserves the rights to interpret, change, suspend, cancel or dispute, with or without notice, all or any part of this Policy and Procedures or provisions discussed herein.

Although adherence to this Policy is a condition of Continued Employment, nothing in this Policy alters an employee’s status as an at-will employee (and nothing in this Policy will constitute a contract or promise of employment). Employees remain free to resign their position at any time for any or no reason, without notice, and the Company retains the right to terminate any employee at any time, for any or no reason, without notice.

Other Laws and Regulations In the event the provision of this Policy contravene the requirements of applicable state or local law, this Policy will be deemed to be modified to comply with state or local law. To the extent that applicable state or local law permits adherence to standards or provision other than those set forth in this Policy, this Policy is deemed supplemented so as to permit the Company to utilize those other standards or provisions.


Unsafe work conditions or practices create loss or risk of loss to both the company and its employees.  Favorite has established the following safety rules to minimize loss and establish minimum guidelines for working safely.  It is each employee’s responsibility to apply these and all accepted standards of loss control.

  1. Whenever an employee is involved in an accident of any kind that results in personal injury or property damage, no matter how small, the accident must be reported within 24 hours of when it occurred.  The employee’s ability to claim workers’ compensation benefits may be affected if a work-related injury is not reported timely.
  2. An employee must immediately report a condition or practice they believe may cause injury or property damage.
  3. Equipment that is not in safe condition should not be operated.
  4. Employees must obey all company rules, governmental regulations, signs, markings, and instructions.
  5. When lifting, employees should use the approved lifting technique, i.e., bend knees, grasp the load firmly, raise load by keeping back as straight as possible.  Employees should seek assistance for heavy loads.
  6. Employees should act professionally, be courteous and avoid distracting others.
  7. Employees should use the right tools and equipment for the job.  They should be used safely and only when authorized.
  8. Good housekeeping should always be practiced.  Disorder wastes time, energy, and material, and will often result in injury.  Each person is responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly work area.   All aisles, walkways, and hallways should be kept clear of clutter.
  9. Employees should be familiar with their environment and know where all exits are located.  Escape routes should be planned in advance in case of an emergency.
  10. The use of drugs or intoxicating beverages is strictly prohibited. (Also, see Substance Abuse Policy).
  11. Avoidance of extended or unusual work shifts that could result in work schedule effects.

These effects may lead to an increased risk of errors, injuries and/or accidents. Therefore, Favorite suggests that employees work no more than 16 hours a day or 60 hours a week when applicable to the job assignment.


Floating has become a way of life for all Healthcare Professionals, not just agency Healthcare Professionals. We believe that our Healthcare Professionals are best equipped for this new challenge and opportunity. As an agency nurse, you already go to different units and hospitals on a regular basis. You have the skill set to adjust quickly to new people, new environments and learn your way around so you are truly effective. The more flexible you are, the more assignments you receive.

As a Favorite Healthcare Professional on assignment, you can expect to be floated to like areas based on your work experience while on assignment at a client facility. However, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly or if you are put in an unsafe situation or one you are not qualified for, please contact your local branch office.

In an effort to help make floating easier, we wanted to give you the following tips:

  • Before you begin your assignment or shift, find out which units you may be asked to float to, whether or not there is a specific rotation for floating Healthcare Professionals, and under which circumstances you can refuse. Floating should be limited to like areas or units for which you are qualified.
  • Know who your resource person is on the unit you float to. Introduce yourself and ask questions.
  • Be helpful to Healthcare Professionals floating to your unit. This will assist them in adjusting to the routine.
  • Give the best care you can. Treat patients and their families as you would like to be treated.
  • Remember patient care and safety always comes first.
  • Be a valuable resource to the client by being flexible and taking your turn to float.

Favorite wants you to be a valuable resource to the clients and patients you serve. You make Favorite a great company and we appreciate your hard work and dedication.


Orientation may be required at specific client facilities. Orientations are scheduled by clients and are designed to acquaint you with our clients as well as provide you with vital information and a sense of security when you accept your first assignment with the client. Favorite pays a flat rate for orientation for each employee classification. Those rates are RNs-$15, LPNs-$10, CNAs-minimum wage.

We recommend that you select two or three facilities to which you would like to be assigned. This will allow you to work for your favorite client as well as float among the others. If there is no need for you at your preferred facility, you can usually have adequate hours by working assignments elsewhere.

To attend orientation sessions, you must be scheduled through Favorite. You should show up with full uniform (including name badge) and appear neat and clean as if you were going to work. Jeans and casual wear are not acceptable. Orientations usually include a tour of the facility, this it is important that you appear professional. Always carry your required licensure and CPR card to all assignments, including orientation. Also, do not forget to bring an assignment record with you to the orientation session. Complete the assignment record and have the in-service instructor sign the appropriate column.

Please review policies regarding processing and payment for orientation shifts with your local branch representative.

If there is not a formal orientation: When arriving in a facility for the first time, be sure you ask someone for an explanation of fire, code, and disaster procedures and the location of emergency equipment. When returning to a facility, briefly refresh your memory before proceeding. Do not be satisfied with a vague wave towards the manuals; in an emergency, you will not have time to read them.


Your job performance will be periodically evaluated. Performance is evaluated on the basis of the following: reliability, cooperation, attendance, skilled proficiency, clinical competency, job proficiency, appropriate appearance, branch/client relations, and supervisory ability (when applicable). Evaluations take the form of client feedback (annual) and branch personnel feedback (biennial).

Because Favorite relies on the direct supervision of the employee by our client facilities, all issues/complaints regarding an employee’s job performance should be documented by the client. The following circumstances will be documented by the appropriate party and filed in the employee’s file (paper and/or electronic):

  1. Infractions of expected professional conduct or dress code.
  2. Employee not reporting for scheduled assignment. (No Show)
  3. Employee tardiness.
  4. Disobedience or insubordination while on assignment.
  5. Violation of Favorite’s Substance Abuse policy.
  6. Theft, gambling, malicious gossip, and derogatory statements about any employee, patient, physician or facility representative.
  7. Infractions of client policies and practices.
  8. Professional incompetence or violation of the Nursing Practice Act.
  9. Cancellations to accept assignment from another agency, or excessive cancellations.
  10. Demonstration of poor or belligerent attitude, i.e. unprofessional conduct.
  11. Sleeping while on assignment.
  12. Failure to follow Occupational Health & Safety Standards, including Universal Precautions.
  13. Other circumstances as identified by the client or branch personnel.


The weekly payroll period for Favorite begins Saturday at 7:00 a.m. and ends with the 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift on Friday night. A different assignment record is to be used for each facility in which you worked during a pay period (Saturday through Friday).

Make sure that the assignment record is signed on a shift by-shift basis in the appropriate space (initials are not acceptable). Additional assignment records are available on our website.

We have designed a payroll system, which allows our employees to fax their time cards (now called assignment records), directly to a toll-free number, 1-866-FAV-PAYS (1-866-328-7297). Confirm that your fax has been received by calling 1-877-215-7999. This system ensures accuracy and timeliness -- no more postal delays! Although you fax the assignment record as you would any other fax, Favorite does not receive the information in the form of a paper fax. Rather, the data is electronically read and matched against our scheduling system. For comparison to our scheduling system, all variances are held for review. Therefore, it is extremely important to complete your assignment record accurately.

Some client facilities utilize the Employee Assignment Record as a sign-in sheet. If the facility where you work does so, make certain to complete the appropriate line of the sign-in sheet and specify all of the requested information for each shift. You will be compensated according to the competency level for which you are screened and the area and client to which you are assigned. Any qualified employee is eligible to earn the highest respective rate. A pay rate sheet is available at the branch office for your review.

You can view your payroll information by logging onto our website with your user name and password. This allows you to view all the information found on your paycheck stub, including the facility and shifts you worked, current and year to-date withholding and wages, and your Favorite Rewards point balance. You can also confirm direct deposit routing information and update your address or federal withholding elections. In addition, you will find a link to the website of our retirement plan record-keeper, where you can monitor your 401(k) account.


If you are expected to stay beyond the regularly scheduled shift to complete an assignment, overtime pay will be due for work over 40 hours in one week. Whether overtime pay will be due for staying beyond an 8-hour shift depends upon your respective state law. We will not schedule you for more than 40 hours per week unless prior approval from the facility is affirmed. In each case, the client must be willing to be billed for the overtime. Your assignment record must be initialed where overtime is approved. A normal weekly work schedule is from Saturday (7 am - 3 pm shift) through Friday (11 pm – 7 am shift). However, your workweek for the purpose of computing overtime pay may be modified by written agreement. Holiday pay in various parts of the nation and at various client facilities differs. Please verify with your local branch.


Your paycheck stubs are mailed directly to the address provided by you on the W-4 form. If you move or want your check stubs mailed to a different address, you must notify the Favorite branch of the new address and/or telephone number. If you marry and/or change your name, you must also notify us of the change. (It may also be appropriate to complete a new W-4 form.) Remember: It is your responsibility to keep the local office informed of any name, address or telephone number changes. For your convenience, you may make updates on our website by logging in with your user name and password. Local regulations may require that specific taxes be deducted based on where an employee lives and/or works. You are required to make a declaration of your tax residency at our website and to keep this information updated.


When you complete the interview process, you will receive a Favorite name badge. As proper identification, Favorite employees should wear this name badge while working. Other client personnel working with you must be able to identify you according to name, work status, and employer. (Some clients issue agency employees a generic name badge. Check with your local branch regarding specific client requirements.) Should you lose or damage your name badge, please call us for a replacement.


All employees of Favorite are expected to maintain a professional appearance. The requirements of appropriate dress may change from client to client and all temps are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the dress codes of the client to which they have been assigned. In the absence of a client dress code, Favorite requires that you follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a high level of personal cleanliness, keeping hair, fingernails, etc. neat and clean.
  • Perfumes, colognes, and aftershaves can trigger allergic reactions in patients and co-workers. Please be prudent in your use of these.
  • Scrubs and uniforms should be neat, clean, and in good repair. All clothing worn should be consistent with your identity as a member of the medical profession.
  • Jewelry should of a type that will not interfere with your work, potentially cause injury to patients, or be easily grasped or snagged. A watch with a second hand is required.
  • Artificial nails are prohibited.


You are expected to provide your own transportation. Transportation conflicts will not be an acceptable reason for canceling. If you rely on public transportation, take whatever measures necessary to ensure early arrival. If you have accepted an assignment, you are responsible to get there.


Our National Operations Center is staffed with highly trained professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not use pagers or voice mail during “off hours”. The National Operations Center staffs and schedules for the branches when they close for the day/weekend/holiday.

We work hard to meet your employment needs. Each branch location is assigned a primary coordinator familiar with the needs of that location. We use the most advanced computerized scheduling system to match your availability, by competencies and experience, with client needs. Our Service Center is like having the office open 24 hours a day. You can take care of your schedule and you do not have to hassle with an answering service.


Favorite Healthcare Staffing provides you with Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Thus, any injury, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, must be reported to Favorite as soon as possible. In most states, if your injury does not require emergency treatment, Favorite will require you to seek medical attention from a healthcare provider designated by Favorite. Contact your local branch office for more information and details.

If your injury requires emergency treatment, you should seek medical attention from the nearest, most practical source. Follow-up treatment, however, should be obtained from a healthcare provider designated by Favorite. Prior authorization may be required for some procedures. Worker’s Compensation benefits are administered in accordance with each state’s legal requirements.

Favorite will direct you to complete a drug test. It is the policy of Favorite to test all employees regardless of fault, if they experience an on the job injury requiring treatment from a medical professional. The drug test will be performed within the first 24 hours of the occurrence and failure to submit a drug test within 24 hours will be deemed a refusal. The branch office will facilitate the drug test request, making arrangements for the employee to be driven to the testing site.


Favorite will provide you with professional liability insurance to cover errors or omissions while performing duties within the course and scope of your Favorite employment. To preserve this coverage, it is your responsibility to immediately report to Favorite any actual or alleged incident involving patient injury or death. In addition, you must cooperate with all provisions of the applicable medical professional liability insurance policy.

FHS129 (Rev. 09/08)