Indianapolis Nursing Positions Available
Class Paying
Up To
Class Paying
Up To
RAD $35/hr SPOT $30/hr
CAT $45/hr ORT $34/hr
ECHO $45/hr CVOR $36/hr
ULTR $45/hr OT $45/hr
MAM $45/hr PT $50/hr
MRI $45/hr SPTH $45/hr
CLT $51/hr PTA $38/hr
NMT $51/hr COTA $38/hr
VT $51/hr PHAR $63/hr
RADT $55/hr RD $45/hr
DOSE $56/hr EMT $17/hr
EEG $38/hr EMTP $23/hr
CRT $36/hr PHAT $17/hr
RRT $36/hr PA $54/hr
MLT $35/hr NP $55/hr
MT $36/hr RN $45/hr
HIST $38/hr LPN $32/hr
MSW $35/hr CNA $18/hr

Welcome to the Indianapolis Office!

We�re excited to be in Indianapolis! Healthcare opportunities abound across the Indianapolis metropolitan area! Nurses, Allied, Travelers, and many more � we�ve got jobs for you! Check our jobs page today!

Whether you want to work per diem, long-term or local contract, we have the nursing or allied position for you!

With Favorite, you�ll find the job you�ve been waiting for and the job that�s been waiting for you!

Check out this season's Indianapolis Hot Jobs!

  • RNs for ICU, MS, GERI, TEL
  • LPNs for nursing homes and hospitals
  • CNAs for nursing homes and hospitals

Spread the word about Favorite and earn terrific referral bonuses! Know a friend who'd be perfect for a job in Indianapolis?

Refer an RN for up to $1,500, an LPN for up to $250 or a CNA for up to $100.

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