Travel Nurse positions available!
Class Paying
Up To
Class Paying
Up To
RN $52/hr MT $36/hr
LPN $38/hr HIST $38/hr
CNA $23/hr MSW $35/hr
RAD $35/hr SPOT $30/hr
CAT $45/hr ORT $34/hr
ECHO $45/hr CVOR $36/hr
ULTR $45/hr OT $45/hr
MAM $45/hr PT $50/hr
MRI $45/hr SPTH $45/hr
CLT $51/hr PTA $38/hr
NMT $51/hr COTA $38/hr
VT $51/hr PHAR $63/hr
RADT $55/hr RD $45/hr
DOSE $56/hr EMT $17/hr
EEG $38/hr EMTP $23/hr
CRT $36/hr PHAT $17/hr
RRT $36/hr PA $54/hr
MLT $35/hr NP $55/hr

Welcome to the Dallas Office!

We�re excited to be in Dallas, TX! Nurses, Allied, Travelers, and many more � we�ve got jobs for you! Check our jobs page today!

Dallas is looking for qualified RNs, LPNs and CNAs in all specialties across the Dallas area. Our top needs are ICU, Med Surg, ER, Geriatrics, Mother/Baby, Psych, OR, Telemetry, Pediatrics and Dr. offices/clinics.

We have several new clients with lots of nursing needs. Ask about our new Auto Rebook policy. It has significantly reduced our cancellation rate!

Be sure to ask about our contract shifts!

Whether you want to work per diem, long-term or local contract, Favorite has the nursing or allied position for you!

Check out this season's Dallas Hot Jobs!

  • Per-Diem Med/Surg RNs eve and noc (will do 12 hrs) at Hospital in Bremerton/ASAP
  • Med/Surg RN eve/noc 8 hr contracts open at Hospital in Port Townsend/ASAP
  • Med/Surg, ICU, Telemetry RNs for contracts at hospitals in the Dallas Area/ASAP

Spread the word about Favorite and earn terrific referral bonuses! Know a friend who'd be perfect for a job in Dallas?

Refer an RN for up to $1,500 an LPN for up to $250 or a CNA for up to $100.

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